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Sleeve Boxes

Custom sleeve boxes are enticing packaging boxes that are well crafted and help in providing security to the product. It is all because of the extra protective packaging layer present in the box. These glamorize and embellish the inside product. It helps the companies to improve the sale because of the overall appeal and durability.

In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors. It is the best means to pack the luxe products and food items. We are making the best Kraft Sleeve Boxes and make sure to winsome your target audience with endless beautifying features.

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Why Companies Use Custom Sleeve Boxes?

Several reasons due to which the companies use custom sleeve boxes are:

Cost-Effective Nature

For any company, cost maintenance is the top priority because if they charge high it’s not possible to sell the product to the targeted audience. Just like other things, packaging must be cost-effective too. So it is true about Kraft sleeve boxes. Although they are luxe in feel and far high quality then simple tuck top style cardboard boxes yet these are cost-effective. Companies when buying in bulk they get the maximum reduction in cost thus it do not create a huge impact on the overall price of the product. We offer wholesale custom Kraft sleeve boxes. You can get the quote and will find how affordable packaging we offer to our loyal customers.

Professional Display

In the retail marketing display of product play a key role. The stylish package always draws the attention of the consumer, so this packaging is playing its role fairly. When products displayed in this type of package ultimately bait the customer. It helps to win the shelf display elegantly and companies get improvement in the sale of the product.

Help in Brand Recognition

Another plus point that this packaging gives to the company is the promotion of the brand. It is obvious the product packed in the stupendous box is always attention-seeking. The person will love to buy the product to explore inside the item. The custom sleeve box packaging is meant to identify the brand and its purpose. Sleeve boxes wholesale act as a brand ambassador and help in the advertisement of your company without extra cost.

Eco-Friendly Option

Wholesale custom Kraft sleeve packaging are manufactured with Kraft paper that are recyclable and are known as environmentally friendly. This nature makes these boxes user friendly and safe to use to pack any type of product. Every company needs to prefer eco-friendly boxes. Therefore, we know the need for a house of preparing the sleeve packaging with safe materials that comply with the standard of packaging laws.

Helps To Stand Out In the Market

Another superior feature that makes custom sleeve boxes ideal for packaging purposes is their unique structure. These are awesome pieces that help your product to stand out in the market. The high-quality product when packed in the elegantly looking box definitely makes it eye-catchy. Thus, it stays for a long time in the market.

Sturdy and Robust Design

The last but not least factor that makes boxes with sleeves beneficial is its durable construction. The sturdy design enables the product to stay safe in the box until the end-user uses it. Moreover, it has a tendency to bear the pressure and does not get dents over it. This feature makes it perfect to use for packing of delicate products like mobile phones, CDs watches

Construction of Custom Kraft Sleeve Boxes

The custom sleeve boxes are well known for its sturdy construction. The robust packaging is made with superior grade cardboard stock. The durable base panel is present that is split into two or more sleeves. The base panel slides in the top panel of the package. It covers the whole base panel. It slides smoothly and the inside product remains safe.

Uses of Kraft Sleeve Boxes

Because of its durable structure, the type of boxes has become the choice of most companies. People now prefer to pack items like perfumes, candles, macrons, wine bottles, and other delicate items in Kraft sleeve boxes. Other items that need to be at the international level are packed in such tough boxes. The benefit of using such boxes is that there is no need for an additional package for shipment rather these are wrapped in plastic cover and ship directly to the retailer or the end-user.

Styles of Kraft Sleeve Boxes

If you are looking for the boxes to deliver your product to the end-user safely then you can find a variety of styles in this category. All have their own importance you can choose the wise that fits your product needs. The few styles that we offer to pack your product and provide them save storage platform are

Sleeve Apparel Boxes 

Sleeve Apparel boxes are considered best for packing clothing items like t-shirts, inner wears, neckties, and much more. It is the package that supports your product and enhances the appeal of apparel present inside. These are handmade boxes that fulfill your requirement. The inside box is deep enough to keep the cloth item perfectly. Moreover, the top panel is either plane or have a window to showcase the inside product.

Die-Cut Style

The die-cut sleeve boxes are attractive as they come with windows moreover there is some zigzag border on the sides of the windows. The alluring boxes are usually laminated with transparent films. Mostly these are cut according to the shape of the inside product. For example for the CD case, the widow is of circle shape while for cylindrical shape perfume it usually comes in oval shape cut to make it look persuasive.

Sometimes box lacks the window but contains the die-cut in logo shape that makes the box more presentable.

Kraft Sleeve Boxes Simple But Elegant

Kraft material is quite common because of its Eco-friendly nature, the natural brown box looks seamlessly attractive and seeks the attention of the buyer. Custom Kraft sleeve boxes are ideal to pack small items like pens, tapes, and such stationery items. The easy access with a single slide with a finger makes it appropriate gift boxes. Although these cannot be printed with gradient texture yet the presence of the black or maroon company logo makes them look enticing.

Custom Gift Boxes

The presentation of special items in the boxes makes them ideal to gift it to someone special. To meet the need of user we design these boxes with colorful and attractive designs. Our designers use the vibrant hues, multiple textures and they add special images to make these sleeve gift boxes exceptional.

Half Sleeve Pattern

These are somewhat different in styles as compared to the boxes with a complete sleeve pattern. It is basically double packaging. Mainly the product is packed in the tuck top closure box and then a sleeve is added over it. Mostly the box inside is made of a hard cardboard box while the upper layer is made with plastic or thin paperboard that can easily glide or removed.

These boxes look appealing and provide multiple layers of protection. Over, the upper layer is printed with the company logo, contact info, or the fine texture is added. While the inside box is usually kept plane having the background color as the sleeve has.

Basically, the type of sleeve wraps the whole box and makes it a perfect surprise box as well.

Handmade Sleeve Boxes

Another trendy sleeve box that will definitely help you grow in the market is the handmade type sleeve box. It has an appealing characteristic look. We use the Kraft paper to make a sleeve. We customize it by writing the wishes or make the company’s logo by painting or making doodles with a pen. It is time taking but the companies that prepare these especial handmade boxes get a positive outcome. Although these boxes are not made in bulk yet their demand is high these days. Most companies get these boxes to keep in conferences where they present to the winners or to the honorable guest. These enticing boxes act as a gift as well as promotion source for the company.

Give a Chance to Custom Boxes Mart to Boost Your Business Sales

Custom Boxes Mart offers the services that meet our customer requirements. If you need the custom sleeve boxes in bulk or need a customization of such boxes you can avail of our services with confidence. Our team of experts has designed incredible boxes that truly meet your product requirement. Either you need simple custom printed sleeve boxes to want the box with unique printing and texture we will provide you all types of stuff. Take a quote now and get your boxes to give your customers the new touch of your products.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.