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Rigid Boxes

Custom rigid boxes are the packing medium that creates harmony between your product and your brand. These are known as the setup boxes and are usually preferred to pack luxury items. It is known that these boxes are somewhat thicker than the traditional cardboard boxes and are not printed directly. Rather these are packed with plain or luxe paper depending on the demand of the consumer. Rigid boxes are in trend these days because of their subtle style and sophisticated appeal. The key factors that upgrade their market value as well as help the business to grow in the industry are.

The primary factor that gives the box a high-end finish is its simplicity. If you move your eyes around you will find no boxes with intense graphics rather the boxes are simple and plain. The boxes are designed with a plain background with a printed or embossed logo on the center or on the top part of the lid.

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Custom Rigid Boxes Are Quite Durable

When we have to pack something we need a durable medium. Custom rigid boxes are massive in appeal and have a strongly built structure that improves the strength of the box, the pressed sheets, or the papers laminated on the chipboard frame offer longevity to the package. The box looks much like a cardboard type but the thickness is far greater than the traditional boxes. It is designed with a 1 to 3mm thick chipboard frame.

Premium Quality

Rigid Gift Boxes Wholesale quality speaks for itself. At first sight, one can identify the integrity of the box. The robust appearance gives them elegance. To make them more prominent we add beautiful graphics. This characteristic makes these boxes stupendous.

Smooth Exterior Offer Fine Touch Experience

Custom rigid packaging are designed with special adhesive technology that not only provides a decent shine but gives it a smooth feel. Moreover, the addition of the lamination sheet makes corners smooth and gives a smoother feel.

Special Closure Adds Another Plus Point

To keep the inside product secure there is a need for the proper lock system so we use the magnetic closure or button or hook system to keep the product safe. Unlike traditional boxes, this packaging stuff comes with magnetic closure that not only keeps the product secure but also gives an executive feel to the product. To maintain the integrity of the box we add the magnet inside the wall of the chipboard. We use the magnet inserting machine to keep it hidden but functional.

Sharp Edges to Make The Box More Beautiful

Rigid box wholesale are made persuasive because of the smooth edges. We use the groove cutting technology to nicely trim the edges to give them a high-end feel

These are a few things that make the boxes ideal to pack precious and luxury products. We mostly find mobile phones, tablets, rigid shirt boxes, neckties, watches, and cuff links packed in such boxes. It is the best means to improve marketing and help the brand to get recognition.

How Rigid Boxes Are Made?

Now let’s have a look at the way that these rigid gift boxes wholesale are designed!

Step 1

These rigid boxes wholesale are designed with a thick board named chipboard, plain board, or greybeards. These are usually grey in color. These boards are cut with the help of specific cutters that give the correct shape and size. The size of the box is scored. It is important because these have to be folded so the designer does not cut it

Step 2

After cutting the wholesale rigid box with the required specifications, the next step is to fold it at the scoring area. It then gives a box form. To keep it in position the folded ends are joined with the help of the tape. These are joined with the help of the quad stayer.

Step 3

After finalizing the box shape now it comes time to give the 2-piece rigid box, we provide wrapping printed with different techniques. These include gloss laminated or matte laminated.

Moreover, we offer multiple designs and embellishments that you can choose from to beautify the overall appeal of the box. The fine cut wrapped with the elegant printed background is fitted on the box. The glue is used to adhere the wrap to the box.

The wraps for the boxes are designed with different papers having a staggering array of colors, finish, and textures, the types of design include embossing, flocking, and stamping. Different embellishing designs are available.

The wrapping process depends on the type of paper. Some wraps adhere loosely while others are fixed tightly. For the rigid packaging boxes, it is recommended to loosely wrap the box. It gives the box a luxe feel as well as makes it more expensive.

Styles of The Rigid Boxes to Meet the Market Need

Customized Rigid Boxes manufacturers come in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes. You will find circular, triangular, square, rectangular, v-shaped, and many more. Usually, wholesale rigid gift boxes are made of a lid and a base. And the style varies according to the attachment of the lid with a base these are either two pieces of separate lid and base combination or the hinged type in which the lid is attached to the base. You will find a variety of variations. To choose the one that is according to your product requirement have a look at the catalog and get a quote to give your product a premium look.

Two-Piece Rigid Boxes

Two-piece custom rigid box or rigid boxes with lids type is the perfect option to pack electronic items, cosmetic products, jewelry, and neckties. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so that products can fit snugly inside the box. Because of the superior quality, these are considered the best packaging style in the industry.

We use high-quality cardboard material that is coated several times to attain maximum strength. It comes with a four-sided base with a separate lid.

The boxes can be printed in different designs plus can be given a new look by adding inside liners. For example for a luxe feel, the silk piece is added. Or sometimes we use the foam lining that acts as an extra layer to keep inside the product safe from the jerks.

Hinged Lid Boxes

Other than a separate lid and base the hinged type includes the lid attached to the base for one side making a book style rigid box. The lid remains in position and allows the secure closing by use of the magnetic closure, ribbon or button system. These are somewhat expensive as compared to other rigid boxes.

The hinged custom rigid boxes Wholesale are designed with magnetic or button hook closures. These do not only add the appealing feature but also keep the box closed. The sturdy boxes are ideal to use for gift purposes.

The main purpose of the boxes is to pack items like cigars, luxury food items, beauty products, and clothes. Moreover, these sturdy boxes are ideal to pack gifts like shaving machines, mobile phones, and much more.

Why Choose Custom Boxes Mart?

Setup boxes come with a variety of variations. There is no limit, if you are looking for rigid boxes suppliers then Custom Boxes Mart is available for you.

We know that wholesale rigid boxes are not simple custom packaging rather it is a luxury. These are the tough boxes that are not appealing in outlook rather their durability nature makes them a perfect match to bear the harsh environment, these can bear humidity and pressure. So if you want to ship rigid boxes packaging at a national or international level then don’t be afraid as the sturdy custom printed rigid boxes are ideal options.

If you are planning to give your business a new turn then try these boxes. Although a bit expensive but the luxe feel will cover the price and users don’t hesitate to pay an extra amount as the box is of their choice as it doubles the appearance of the inside product. Therefore, these sturdy boxes have become the choice of the consumer and they love to spend on these alluring rigid gift boxes as they don’t have to do something extra rather the high-end boxes are the gift box themselves.

Get ready for your product customization as we are here to provide a solution. Our Custom rigid boxes are perfect to pack multiple items. If you want to bait the attention of your consumers then give us a chance. Custom Boxes Mart’s team of experts will design custom rigid box packaging that are incredible in outlook and durable in functionality. Ship your product safely to end-users by packing their precious items in these sturdy boxes.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.