Kraft Boxes

Custom Kraft boxes have changed the packaging trends and styles. These have become the demand of the industry because of incredible features. These undoubtedly serve as the best source of packing of different items. These boxes are used because of several reasons. Because of the extraordinary benefits we are using these boxes. Few features due to which we prefer this material as one of the major source of packaging.

For any package, it is important to be user friendly so the consumer has an excellent unboxing experience. The Kraft boxes can be crafted in various styles, shape, and size depending on the dimension and structure of the product. High-grade Kraft box made with pinewood is easy to handle and shape plus easy to use.

A popular option when it comes to Kraft boxes is the window cutout design which allows brands to display their products directly to customers. We are here to help you out with your Kraft packaging needs. For the most part, Kraft boxes are biodegradable since they are made from plant-based materials.

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Why to Choose Kraft Packaging

It is important to choose the best packaging solution for your business because it can give the first impression of it. Kraft packaging is a popular option as it can give strong boxes. The material is perfect for packaging many different types of items. This is why businesses like choosing it. On top of this, Kraft boxes tend to be environmentally friendly as well. The following are some reasons why you should choose custom Kraft boxes:

Can Protect Products

It is necessary to keep your product safe and packaging can help when it is strong. The box will not break and so is helpful to transport the item. For instance, if you own a bakery, you can opt for bakery boxes Kraft as these can keep the bakery product secure. When it comes to food items, it is important to choose a packaging solution that will not have chemicals in it. These can go into the food product and spoil it. It will not be good to eat then. Therefore bakeries prefer Kraft pastry boxes as they show the brand as one that cares about consumers’ health.

Customizable Kraft Box Packaging

The boxes are also customizable. It is possible to make them perfect for the merchandise. You can get them in the right size and shape here. The size of Kraft bakery boxes wholesale matters because a box that is too large can result in the bakery product moving inside it. Its look can change like this. Customers will not be happy when this happens. A really small box can squish the cake or other bakery item making it also look bad. This is why Kraft boxes are helpful as you can get the most perfect Kraft box sizes with these. Your brand can even design a box that is of a unique shape so that it can attract shoppers. It will be more prominent in front of normal shape boxes.

Environmentally-Friendly Option

The Kraft package tends to be environmentally-friendly and so good for the environment. This is why many brands prefer it, especially those that have a consumer base that cares about the environment. Nowadays there are many shoppers like this. The box will be one that will be recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable. It will therefore not cause as much harm to the environment as other packaging types. This is why when you opt for Kraft cake boxes wholesale, you will be showing your brand as one that is sensible.

Kraft Display Boxes Attract a Consumer Base

When it comes to packaging, it is important to choose the one that will stand out to the customer base. This will then allow the product to be prominent to those shoppers who are looking for it. Sales can increase like this. For instance, Kraft bakery boxes that have bakery products for kids will be bright and colorful. They can even have cartoon pictures on them as this attracts kids. Whereas those for adults will be more decent looking. A brand will do some research before designing custom Kraft packaging so that it can attract the customer base and make them consider getting the product.

Choose Right Colors, Images and Designs

It is possible to design Kraft mailer boxes in such a way that they look perfect. Here you can choose the right colors, images, and even designs allowing them to look amazing. You can research color psychology which will allow you to choose the right colors according to the message that you want to give. For instance, if you sell candles and want to show your brand as an expensive one, you can choose colors like black and golden for the Kraft candle boxes. You can add images on the packaging as well. For example on Kraft donut boxes, you can include an image of a donut or someone consuming the delicious donut. You can choose a window box that will let customers see the donut. From the above, you can see that printed Kraft boxes can help a brand when one designs them perfectly after doing their research. They can protect a product and also make it stand out to those customers who are looking for it. This can show a brand in a positive way to shoppers. Custom Box Mart is here to provide you with top-quality custom Kraft boxes. You can get the perfect Kraft boxes from us. When it comes to these boxes, we know the importance of being able to create something sturdy. The box needs to be perfect for the product within as well. We create our boxes in an environmentally friendly way, as Kraft paper suggests. We aim to care about the Earth in all our operations. Moreover, Kraft boxes tend to be those that one makes from 100% recycled material. Our team consists of professionals who know how to create unique packaging and have experience doing this. Working with Custom Box Mart, you will get the satisfaction that we will create exactly what you want. You will not waste your money. We regard our clients as important, especially their opinions. Our team regards it as a challenge to fulfill anything that they want. With the many options to select from, we have many options that you can choose from like inserts, window cutouts, embossing, and debossing, as well as many finishing to select from.

Wholesale Custom Printed Kraft Boxes Packaging

Packaging is an important part of any product as any business will know. Think about the times you get a product that is in a box. Without this, the product does not remain secure and it is tough to even transport it. With the help of packaging, a brand can let customers know about their product. They can advertise it in a store so that the consumer base can easily recognize it. A brand can even protect its product with the help of its packaging. One way to judge the quality of a product is through its packaging. One can know whether a product is of a good-quality by simply looking at its packaging. This is why we at Custom Boxes Mart offer you the perfect solution when it comes to Kraft Boxes Packaging. Our unique designs of Custom Printed Kraft Boxes can attract customers and even make your product stand out from the competition. Apart from this, the boxes are environmentally friendly therefore positively showing your brand. People search for elegant and strong packaging when searching for Kraft boxes. We can help you out here.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes

Who wouldn’t like Kraft jewelry boxes with elegant styles and customized designs? Kraft jewelry boxes are very appealing as they are used for securing cosmetics and jewelry. They are highly suitable for each and every aspect. High-quality packaging is suitable for protecting skin-related products.

Print Flexible

These boxes can be printed in a variety of styles and designs. Moreover, the lamination gives them silky and shiny touch thus giving the product a high-end appeal.

Custom Kraft Boxes Style and Size

Custom Kraft Boxes are versatile and flexible. These boxes can be available in customized sizes. We offer a wide array of designs in this material. Whatever is your product type, do these boxes make the perfect match? The styles we offer for the convenient packaging and to give a product the safe storage are given below

Sliding Drawer Box

The foldable and flat shipped boxes are commonly used for the packing of jewelry items and small accessories like nails. The design features the Kraft paper sleeve with a sliding drawer. Both are crafted with Kraft paper. We offer a variety of color options and sizes to give the product a persuasive appeal.

Display Kraft Box

The display boxes made with Kraft paper are in trend because they showcase the product elegantly. These are multipurpose boxes that help to exhibit cosmetics decorations, confectionery, and grocery items. These attract consumers and improve the sale of the products. These are the best mode of advertisement and are ideal for placement on racks. It is all because these can be customized in any size and don’t require much space. Kraft display boxes are the silent marketing agent for the company and help the brand to grow in the market.

Kraft Jewelry Boxes

For jewelry storage and shipment, Kraft boxes are an excellent option. It is a suitable and affordable packaging option designed in a simple two-piece box. To give sturdiness extra padding or foaming sheets are added to keep jewelry in place. The boxes are designed in a way to help jewelry to stand out their luster.

Moreover, these square or rectangular boxes are ideal to pack cosmetic products like mascara, lipstick, or eyeliner. These are aesthetically designed and printed with vibrant colors to give the product an enticing feel.

Kraft Boxes With Windows

For the packing of bakery items like cake, pastries, donuts and other such Kraft boxes with windows is the best solution. These inert boxes do not react with a food item and moreover, prevent the product from getting soggy.

Kraft Gable Boxes

The customer demands the Kraft gable boxes to present as a favor or goodie box. We customize these boxes for events like birthdays, weddings, and bridal shower religious events. It is a wonderful way not only to provide the product safely to the guest but also to help in the promotion of the brand.

Kraft Hinge Boxes

The types of boxes are widely preferred by clothing and shoe manufacturers. The hinged boxes add the luxe feel to the product, especially when designed with unique printed designs. This is because these boxes can be customized in any shape, these boxes are preferable options because they have a sturdy base. These are foldable boxes that required no glue for folding the box. For the luxe feel and to offer the safe locking of the box we provide the magnetic closure or ribbon and button closure, moreover, we customized boxes in a special gift box form.

Kraft Mailer Boxes

The mailer boxes also termed shipment boxes are robust design boxes used for short or long-distance delivery. These features self-locking, die-cut having an envelope base, and five panels. The custom Kraft boxes ensure the safety of the product because they provide the proper lock of the packaging.

For the fragile items, we use the self-locking die cutting multiple layered Kraft boxes.

Take Away Boxes

The takeaway boxes with lamination are designed with Kraft boxes that are strong to bear the weight and easy to handle. Moreover, the lamination coat keeps the outside of the box grease-free and creates no mess while handling the box.

Two-Piece Boxes

The natural and user-friendly two-piece custom Kraft boxes for packing gifts or luxe items. Usually, electronic items and crockery products are packed in these sturdy boxes. The packaging is designed with the gray chipboard having the Kraft paper lining over it.

There are two varieties available. The lid is of the same height as the base and it fully covers the entire base. The second type is one having the lid half the size of the box or much shorter than the base.

Better Printing Capabilities

Custom Kraft Boxes offer printing flexibilities. These provide batter graphic capabilities and support many printing options. Whether you want lithography; flexography or digital printing all types can be applied to this material. Due to the wide range of printing options, these boxes are ideal for the promotion of the brand and are used as marketing sources. We provide logo printing and offer different designs to give the box an alluring effect. The prominent manuscripts promote your product and ultimately increase the sale of your product.

To give the product a high-end feel we not only provide different printing options but we offer a laminated finish also. To give the box a shiny or matte appeal we use the following techniques.

Size Variation

The common shapes include rectangular, egg diamonds, and square. Moreover, window die-cut boxes are also popular. All these shapes are available in different sizes.

We offer standard Kraft paper packaging as well as customized size. The sizes included in our list are

Get Customization of Boxes for Up-Gradation of Your Business

If you think your business is not growing well and the weak point is packaging then give us a chance to improve your packaging strategy. We provide Kraft packaging crafted with high-quality material. The tough and sturdy boxes can bear the weight of the product and help in safe shipment to the end-user.

Moreover, we provide various printing options on these boxes. Choose the style, shape, and size to get customization of your Custom Kraft boxes. We ensure the quality, high strength, and clear printing of the box. Pack your product in these Eco-friendly boxes and promote your brand through them you will find a magical difference in your business level.

Because of aesthetic and decent packaging, customers will love your products and ultimately there will be an improvement in sales.

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We have experience designing Kraft boxes and know what issues clients are likely to face. The customer is important to us and their opinions matters. Our Kraft material is of great quality and eco-friendly as well.
Eco-Friendly Characteristic

Custom Printed Kraft boxes are recyclable and Eco-friendly. The sturdy boxes are the perfect mean of storage of products for a long time.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.