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Bottle Boxes

Custom Bottle boxes that are made with natural packaging material and offer the guaranteed quality ensures the safe shipment of fragile bottles. Just like other products, the bottle also needs special attention to packaging. It is not just storage mean but also it is required to improve the aesthetic of the product.

Multiple types of bottles are available and each one requires the package of own style and size. In the bottle, we find the wine, spirit, medicine, lotion, and other fragile bottles that need extra attention for covering. There are a variety of styles of printed bottle packaging box wholesale available. We design them according to the size and requirements of the client as well as the bottle style.

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Custom Bottle Boxes

Before you know the styles of the custom bottle boxes first you should know what benefits you get by using the Small packaging for bottles. These include

Eco Friendly in Nature

The primary benefit of using the printed bottle boxes to pack the bottle is that it is Eco-friendly in nature. These biodegradable package items are worthy as they are not only cost-effective but also create no harm to the inside product. Moreover, environmentally friendly nature makes custom bottle packaging ideal to use.

Improve Brand Recognition

The printing of the boxes with colorful hues and gradient textures give them an innovative touch. It makes them eye-catchy and consumers love to buy the product. The boxes for the cosmetic bottles, oil jars, and juice bottles come with the boxes that have alluring feel and customers automatically bait towards the product.

Allow Safe Delivery to End-User

Bottle Boxes are the best means to deliver the product to the end-user. Therefore these special bottle boxes are made sturdy so that there is no leakage and the bottles reach the final destination safely. Unlike regular cardboard packaging, the somewhat thickened cardboard or Kraft package is used so that it can bear the weight of bottles especially the oil bottles that are heavy in weight.

Printing Boxes Improve Aesthetics

We use the latest printing styles to give the box packaging a new appeal. From vintage style to modern touch we use all types of printing technologies. Usage of multiple fonts, and styles to give the box alluring touch and make them eye-catchy and help the improvement of the sale of the liquid products.

Convenient To Display

Custom Bottle boxes are easy to display. Bottle box packaging is designed according to the height of the bottle as well as they are made so that consumers can easily carry it. Most comes with trays so that these can be easily placed on the floors. Moreover, the small bottles are packed in regular boxes that can be displayed conveniently on the racks.

Construction of Custom Bottle Boxes at Custom Boxes Mart

To keep the fragile item safe we use cardboard packaging. In this different grades of the paper depending on the weight of the product. Usually, bottle packaging box made with cardboard 20pt thickness is used that is efficient enough to bear the weight of the bottle. Moreover, for the lotion, spirits, and other such liquids that have less weight can be packed in the white paper board with a thickness of 16 pt. thickness. It is ideal to package bottles in such as packaging. Moreover to add the sturdiness the metalized paper board is used that is hard to resist the minor jerks and help bottle to stay in original form. Thus these high-grade paperboard are perfect to ship bottles at the international level. Waterproof label stocks are other types of bottle packaging boxes that not only prevent bottles from the jerks but also keep safe from moist and accidental water splash. These boxes remain in the original form.

Coatings of the Bottle box

There are several types of lamination that is use to give the product an extravagant look. The main purpose is to add extra shine as well as to make printing prominent. Plus lamination also adds the sturdiness to the bottle packaging box wholesale and adds strength to it. The type of lamination that we use is gloss UV coating, gloss laminate, scuff proof matte laminate, soft-touch lamination, and gloss laminate. We provide coating free packaging too. Custom printed bottle boxes made with metallic cardboard don’t need extra finish and so we keep them coating free.

Styles of Small Bottle Boxes

CBM use different boxes style to give the product a safe end. Small bottle packaging boxes with alluring printing are available in following trendy styles:

Tuck Top Opening Bottle Boxes

Although it is a classic way to pack the bottles yet they are in demand. We use thick cardboard material to pack the bottle. Usually elongated in shape, the lower portion is sealed with glue or other adhesives so that bottle does not get ours from the lower side. Usually, the gel, spirits, and such other lightweight bottles are paced in such a package. Wine bottles and oil packs are not packed in them as these need some extra tough packaging.

Bottle Boxes Packaging with Partition

Wine bottles, soft drinks, and juices available in glass bottles need extra preventive storage options. So by knowing this need tray boxes with partitions are used. Usually, the boxes made with chipboard, and partitions are also designed with this material. The tough material has ability to bear the weight of the bottles. We provide the bottle boxes wholesale with the partition having handles that easy to carry usually pack of two-three or sizes are available in this style. For the display purpose so that the user can grab a single bottle conveniently from the floor stand the partition boxes come without a handle.

A Single Package Box with Handle

An innovative bottle package that you will find it attractive is the Kraft paper package or a bag with handle. The bottle is first packed in the net to make it fascinating and then in a sturdy paper bag that has a slit handle for the convenient carriage of the bottle. The paper has enough thickness to bear the weight of the bottle. If it is printed with some fascinating printing method and decorated with the ribbon or bows or with some wish tag it double the appeal of the package and make it a perfect gift for someone special.

Printing Techniques

CustomBoxesMart use different printing techniques to give the box a fabulous look. The type of printing that we use is


It is a decorative printing technique that is use to give the bottle a luxe feel. Mainly the bottles meant for gift purposes are designed using this technique. It gives the product a subtle and professional touch.

Foil Stamping

Another captivating printing technique that is use to give an impressive touch to our products is the use of the foil stamping. The golden and silver color automatically gives a luxe feel and helps the brand to get progress in the sale of the drinks.


The type of carving printing technique is another enticing way to make the package presentable. It creates lower images and gives an excellent impression on the cardboard packaging.

Die-Cut Boxes

To give the bottle box design an alluring touch, use die-cut bottle boxes. These are mainly designed with windows or the die-cut company logo to give a box a stupendous feel.

Making Bottle Packaging Durable By Using Extra Stuff

Glass bottles are fragile in nature. Therefore, some extra padding to keep them secure. To add extra security CBM use the extra padding or the separate compartments. The corrugated sheets are used to make bottle carton packaging in which bottles can snugly fit and remain in position even during jerks. Moreover, the box within the box option to make the glass bottle packaging more secure. It gives extra strength and bottles can be shipped to send users without fear of damage. Another option is the use of the bubble wrap. These wraps are filled with cotton or peanuts to add strength. The bottles are first wrapped in this coat and then place in the bottle box. It is an efficient means of shipping a bottle to the end-users.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.