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Cardboard Boxes

Custom Cardboard boxes with logo have become the best means of packaging in any industry. Perhaps, the packaging is as important as the quality of the product itself. The companies are working hard to bring the cardboard packaging in front of an audience that is eye catchy and captivating. There exists a race among the companies and everyone is trying to bait the customers because of innovation in packaging stuff.

There are many types of materials used for the packing of the products. The highlighted types are plastic, metal, glass, aluminum, and cardboard type. Among all these the last type that is cardboard type is known to be the number one choice of the most industrialists. It is all because of the exclusive features that it has as compared to other materials used for wrapping up the products.

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Custom Cardboard Boxes with Logo

Boxes complete the look of the product. Therefore, these have become the core part of any final product. Custom Cardboard boxes with logo are popular among all others because of a few reasons. Let’s have a glance at the advantages of this incredible packaging stuff, the styles that give the product an enticing appeal, and the importance of the Eco-friendly boxes.

Custom Cardboard Boxes A Revolutionary Packaging Stuff

If we see around, we will find almost all types of products like home appliances, food items, clothes, electronics, toys; gifts, watches, and or any other stuff that comes to our mind come in cardboard Boxes. It provides the ultimate protection to the product and involves the technique that uses all necessities to fulfill the product packaging demand. It is now known as a revolutionary product because since its first launch it has got popularity and companies are bringing innovation to keep this stuff forever for wrapping of the products.

Various Size Options Present

The best thing about these boxes is that you will find several sizes to snugly fit the product according to its dimensions. The size of the cardboard is much important because if it is not according to the shape and size of the product it will not create a good impression. Moreover, you will get the customized size as well depending on the custom size cardboard boxes of your item. The size may also vary because of the box shape. If you are choosing the rectangular shape box the dimensions will be different compared to the square size box it will be different. We prepare the box size that is according to product dimension so the item ideally fits inside and there is no fear of damage.

Cardboard Boxes Can Be Customized in Any Style:

If we talk about the variety then cardboard stuff does not disappoint as it can be molded in different styles. No matter where is its demand it is fulfilled efficiently either to pack grocery items, electronic items, or gift products. These boxes that can be printed with various designs can be molded in shapes. It is the dynamic packaging stuff that can be designed with specifications and form the accurate layout that the customer wants. The packaging material with biodegradable features, strong atmospheric resistance properties, and durability in nature helps it to stand out in the market and has become the choice of almost all industries worldwide. Few of the common styles of custom cardboard boxes with logo are
  • Tuck with below dust flap lock

Different types of product cardboard printed packaging like cosmetics, prepared food, and clothing accessories are packed in this style. It provides the best packaging solution. The best thing about this style is that products are kept safe from dust.
  • Double-wall tuck front

The double-wall tuck front is the folding box that is no glued product. The side panels are rolled to get the box to give it a finished look. The cherry lock and dust flaps are the most common type of designs in this category. These are durable in structure and perfectly sued for the heavy items.
  • Auto-lock cap

The custom cardboard boxes have the die-cut feature that gives the inside of the box a spacious feel. To give the box a perfect look we use die-cut shapes. Moreover, we print with a trendy design to give them an alluring touch. There are many other styles that we offer, you can see our catalog to find the appropriate cardboard boxes securely fit the product. Each one has its own importance and available in a variety of shapes to fulfill the product packaging requirement. To add the strength inside corrugated or cardboard lining is added that keeps the product safe and the consumer gets the original products without any damage.

Offer A Wide Range Of Printing Options

Just like versatility in shapes, custom cardboard boxes with logo are flexible for printing too. Almost all printing techniques that are in trend can be utilized to give the box a fascinating touch. Either there is a need for flexography, laser print, UV lamination, embossing or graphic design layout the manufacturer does not get disappointment as all prints are so neatly applied on this stuff that the overall outlook of the product is changed. Manufacturers are not playing a game with the cardboard boxes but also implementing unique designs to make their package look persuasive and improving the sale because of the appeal of the product. We offer premium grade printing because of the presence of the latest tech printing machines. Our designers take care of the printing technique. They use the method that is acceptable for the particular substrate.

Innovation In Cardboard Boxes Improve Brand Recognition

These are ideal to package massive and heavy products like machinery, fridge, and air conditioners, etc. These boxes are available with single, double, and triple corrugated layers, which provide the strength to handle such products carefully. Just because of flexible printing options, companies are growing in the market. Their brand is getting recognition because of trendy designs on the box. The vibrant hues, gradient textures, and bright colors give a new touch to the box and make them eye-catchy that seek the attention of the consumer. Because of the highlighted texture on the box, it has become convenient to reach the targeted audience conveniently. Thus, the companies get benefits and get improvement in the sale of their products.

Cardboard Packaging Style Create A Positive Impression

It is a common observation that people always move towards unique things. If you keep the same product in different packages, then one that is packed in the simple brown box while the other in the impressively designed box. It is obvious that most consumers will prefer the colored box while a few of them will prefer the simple type. Therefore, the cardboard is shaped in different styles like sleeve boxes, Egyptian pyramids, pillowcases, or hinged boxes with magnetic closures and many more. The box style improves the perception of the customer as well as improved the sale. Appearance plays a role in increasing the sale and helps the companies to take the business to the next level.

Cardboard Boxes Are User Friendly

One of the incredible features that keep these boxes on the top ranking is the user-friendly nature. Features like flexible printing, reusability, recycling, and as well as molding in various sizes make the cardboard boxes user friendly. The affordable nature makes it best as it does not cause any effect on the overall cost of the product. The cardboard sheets are inexpensive to fabricate and formation to different styles. Due to all these reasons the cardboard boxes has won the race among the packaging material.

Let Your Business Grow With Custom Boxes Mart

We are using the latest printing techniques, and designs that look appealing and help in the promotion of the items. Give us a chance and see a magical difference in the sale of your products. Believe us and we will not disappoint you. Moreover, we offer different shape boxes and customized according to your requirement. If you need as a gift purpose we print the boxes with the theme that you want. We create impressive packaging that truly reflects your brand and act as the business booster. So, don’t wait, contact us, get your quote now.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.