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Perfume Boxes

Custom perfume boxes are used to attract customers. Perfumes, colognes, and such fragrances are highlighted on the shelves by packing in an innovative package. These luxe items are packed in enticing boxes. The packaging companies are working deliberately to improve the sale of these items. We are striving to win the heart of the customers, for this purpose we are designing the boxes for these fragrant items that are inspiring.

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There are several reasons due to which the perfume industry is widely focusing on custom perfume packaging. Few of them are

Custom Perfume Boxes Are Attractive

One of the key factors to improve the sale of the product is not the aroma of the perfume but also the stupendous custom perfume boxes wholesale. The package feature plays a significant role. It is a common observation the customers do not attract to the box that is not eye-catchy.

The simple cardboard box does not play a role as a marketing source. In contrast, if the box is designed with prominent colors, a unique theme or stylish box will definitely grab the attention of the consumer. Therefore, keeping this aspect in mind we are using the latest printing trends like flexography and use the gloss or matte lamination to give a final product a high-end feel.

Ensure Safe Storage of Perfume Box

The luxury boxes made with high-quality material are not appealing but ensure the safe storage of products as well. If we take an example of the sleeve box, its high strength chipboard gives an enticing appeal plus it is hard enough to bear the unwanted pressure over the box. It prevents the fragile bottle efficiently. So before designing we first think about product safety and design a customized box with logo that is completely safe to deliver the products and help it to prevent any cracks.

Make a Perfect Custom Perfume Packaging Boxes

Custom perfume packaging boxes designed with the embossing technique and customized with ribbons or glittery touch makes it a perfect option as a gift. So when customers demand the customized boxes to present it as a gift then we design the box that gives the total gift appearance. We do not focus on the outside appeal but also work on the inside structure of the box. For a luxe look, we place the silk fabric or the foaming partition that not only keeps the product safe but the internal side also becomes eye-catchy.

Perfume Boxes Material and Styles

Usually, luxury perfume boxes are designed with the thickened cardboard white or premium white material. Moreover, to give perfume a luxe appeal we also use the chipboard hard box packaging. These ensure the safety of the inside product but also give an alluring impression to the overall package especially when design by the use of trendy printing techniques.

Straight Tuck End

Straight tuck end box is easy to assemble box widely preferred by perfume companies because of its cost-effectiveness. The sturdy box build with cardboard material can be printed in any style and color. Moreover, the boxes give luxe appeal in the retail display. We use the somewhat thickened material that ensures the protection of the perfume box packaging. These are white cardboard printed with glossy ink to create an enticing design that baits customer attention.

Reverse Tuck End

Reverse tuck end boxes are other affordable boxes that most companies demand packing of the perfume. The tuck end top makes it easy to use. Moreover, the cardboard with the matte or glossy finish gives more enticing appeal to the box. We use silver, golden, or black font on white cardboard to keep it simple yet fantabulous. The friction lock top closure gives it a stylish appeal and easy to open or close. Plus printing flexibility of wholesale perfume boxes help you to get customization is different ways. Choose the color schemes, font styles, and background color to finalize your custom perfume boxes.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are extraordinary stylish packaging that most companies prefer. It is all because of the finest appeal, sturdy outlook, and simple printed design. Usually, the costly perfumes are packed in such boxes. This packaging material is constructed with chipboard. The base and the top both are made of thick material. The die-cut sleeve packaging with the printing of your style adds the glamorous touch to your product.

Two-Piece Boxes

One of the luxury collections for unique and luxury perfume packaging in our catalog is the two-piece boxes; the exceptional gift packaging plays a significant role in taking your business to the next level. The separate boxes can be printed to win a variety of styles. For a more elegant look, designers only add perfume names on the lid of the perfume packaging wholesale while on the backside of the base box contact info is added. Usually, subtle colors like black, Prussian blue, brown, white, and maroon scheme is kept in these boxes. You can choose from our collection or provide the option of your printing theme.

Perfume Gift Boxes

Perfume gift boxes with magnetic closure definitely give your product a fascinating look. For the extraordinary stupendous appeal, we add silk cloth or corrugated partitions to give an entire package a persuasive feel.

These are a few styles you will find on our list. Explore the styles and printed designs to give your business a positive lift among competitors.

Custom Sizes for Perfume Boxes

We provide packaging perfume boxes of different sizes. Either you need packaging of scents or want to pack the 300ml perfume bottles every size is available. Just provide the size of the bottle you need to pack we will provide you the right box in which bottle snugly fits in.

Printing Styles We Use For Giving an Alluring Touch to the Box

With the emerging printing technology, we have adopted modern trends too. To meet the customer demand and industry requirement we are offering the latest printing trends on the boxes. Currently, we are using the following printing styles on the boxes

Digital Printing

It is the modern printing that allows the companies far more latitude in customization of the product’s compared to mechanical printing. The use of digital printing has grown widely. Therefore, keeping this in mind we are using the digital prints that bait customer attention. The blend of colors, gradient textures merged with unique packaging font styles completely change the appeal of the luxury packaging boxes for perfume boxes wholesale.

Personalized Packaging

The personalized packaging with a special image with caption is another enticing way to make perfumes presentable. The perfume bottle shape image is printed on the front of the box with the name on top or bottom of that image. Moreover, the box with the same style of bottle printed with the same bottle color and cap gives an extraordinary appealing effect to the package.

Clean Labels With Transparency

In the retail industry, display perfume boxes play a key role in the marketing of the products. For the promotional purpose, our clients get the boxes with windows. The windows are usually covered with a transparent wrap to showcase the inside product. Moreover, the font style sprinted on the windows or the logo on the window creates an admiring impression on the box.

Quality Printing With Lamination

Moreover, to give the final product a high end feels we use the UV lamination that creates clear prints. The well-defined images and premium touch all add impressive attire to the box.


Embossing method is in trend this year therefore to give a box new touch we are using the embossing technique. It gives the box a 3D touch. The box is printed with a logo with an embossed pattern. It creates the simple box but the embossed logo is so much prominent that it gives a premium touch to the entre box.

These are a few styles of printing techniques and sizes we deal with. Contact us and choose the design of your choice to give your product a new turn in the market.

Why Choose Custom Boxes Mart?

We are manufacturing and supplying quality wholesale custom perfume boxes all around the country. We manufacture premium quality perfume packaging that help your brand to outshine in the market. No matter what type of style, size, and design you need to package your box our team of workers is efficient in providing quality boxes that meet your expectations.

We are ready to resolve your query, contact us at any time and if you have any query feel free to ask. We are here to satisfy. So be confident and ask any questions so you get the perfect solution. Perhaps you can order us with confidence.

Get the suggestions regarding the box customization so you achieve the catchy visual aspect for the custom perfume Shipping boxes? Don’t worry about the quality we have the latest printing machines. Moreover, our team checks the packages manually and then delivers it to you. Quality is our top priority. Place your order now and get your boxes with a unique appeal to inspire your audience.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.