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Custom Straight Tuck End Boxes

Are you looking for an effective packaging solution for the product that you have? If yes, you may be considering custom straight tuck end boxes. These boxes are a common packaging type for different industries. The packaging can give a perfect box for lightweight items, but it can even safely store heavier items, such as some perfume bottle. If you have a product suitable for this type of packaging, you need to know how to design the box properly so that it is perfect.

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What is a straight tuck end box?

Straight tuck end boxes are the ones whose top and bottom closure panels attach to the same main panel. This box is able to fold from front to back and even from back to front within the same direction. There is a slit that locks from every closing flap so that the top along with bottom of the box remain in place. This helps keep the items secure inside. The box is a practical one and provides much area for information and even branding. A brand is able to customize the box allowing it to be perfect for their needs.

Tips to make the packaging

The following provides you with some professional tips on how to create the boxes:

Look for best packaging material

If you want the wholesale straight tuck end boxes to protect your product and to remain strong, you will have to make a strong box. You can choose good-quality packaging material like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft to make this box if you wish it to remain sturdy. These packaging materials must suit what you are packaging and not harm it unnecessarily. The above materials are even “safe” as they do not have dangerous chemicals that can spoil products.

Environmentally-friendly options

Sustainable packaging is better because it will not cause more harm to the environment. Temperatures are increasing across the globe and there are many negative impacts of global warming that are occurring. You need to make your company play its role in reducing this. When you choose ecofriendly straight tuck end boxes wholesale, they can give the impression of your brand as being one that is sensible and cares for our Earth. Here you will choose sturdy boxes that are still recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable.

Right dimension box

You must find out what dimension box will be perfect for the product you are selling. It is necessary to get this right if you wish the boxes to keep your merchandise secure. The custom printed straight tuck end boxes that are the correct size will help you not use extra money on packaging material that your brand does not need. The movement of products will not be much in a box like this also.

Increase brand awareness

Straight tuck end boxes with logo are the ones to choose because this box will be able to increase brand recognition. You have to do this if you want people to know about your company. It is important to add a logo of your company on all your packaging because this can help make shoppers recognize the products that your business is selling. On the box you may even add information like the phone number, email address, website, physical address, and more of your company. These details make it easier for shoppers to contact your company if they want to.

Stand out to people wanting to buy your product

You should try and design the straight tuck end box so that the consumer base of the product you are selling will notice it. If you can make the boxes attract these individuals, sales are more likely to increase because these people are probably looking for what your brand is selling. If you are selling a product for adults in the box, the packaging design can follow the minimalism theme for instance. Custom straight tuck end boxes are a good option to package a variety of products in. You need to be able to make the box perfectly if you want it to be right for your consumer base and also for the product that you are selling. Custom Boxes Mart has good-quality custom straight tuck end packaging boxes that a brand can customize for the product that they wish to package in them.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.