Custom Spray Boxes

Spray products are many in the market. This may include hair spray, CBD spray bottles, etc. If you own a product that is in a spray bottle, you will be looking for effective ways to keep this bottle secure. You need to do this as it is vital that no harm happen to the spray bottle as this can result in the product wasting. Custom spray boxes that are sturdy are able to protect the product when they are strong. The box even plays the role of marketing the merchandise when a brand designs it to look attractive.

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What are custom spray boxes?

A custom spray box is one that packages products that come in spray form like hair spray. A brand should make these boxes carefully so that they can allow easy transportation to occur of the product also. The following provides you with some tips on how to design packaging for spray products:

Strong box material

It is necessary to keep the spray bottle safe if you want it to give shoppers a good impression of your product and company. A strong box that is a cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft one can help out here. Spray boxes like these are customizable so you can design the box to look good and also be perfect for the merchandise. The box can store it in without harm occurring to it.

Right size packaging

The packaging even has to be the correct size if you want people to not lose expectations when they open the box. If there is much empty space inside it, it will not give a good impression of your company. Therefore measure the spray product then note down measurements that will be perfect for the box. There should be proper room present inside and not too much and not too little. The wholesale custom spray boxes like these will cost less to transport and you will also not have to be spending money on packaging that you do not require.

Details about the product

If you want to help shoppers know about what product you are selling, include details about it on the packaging. This can convince some people to buy your product if they know what it is and need it. You must add what is helpful only because too many details are not good. For example if you are selling hair spray in the custom printed spray boxes, you can tell what the product is, its ingredients, how to use, when to use by, any warnings, etc. Include any details in a font that matches the theme of your packaging design. It has to be readable also and of the correct size.

Increase brand awareness

Spray boxes with logo help with increasing brand awareness and so you should choose to get these. Your brand will include its logo which aids people in seeing which products it sells. The logo should be noticeable and show your brand as a professional one. You should also include other information about your brand such as its physical address, contact number/s, email address, etc. These will help those customers who wish to reach your brand and ask them something.

Be prominent to consumer base

The spray boxes wholesale must be seen by those people who want to buy whatever you are selling. If you can achieve this goal, the packaging can help in increasing sales for your company. For example if your brand is selling high-quality and expensive hair spray, the packaging should give this impression. You can make it look chic and elegant. You may add the color black on the box as well which signifies elegance. Custom spray boxes that you create right will keep your product secure. This is important if you wish people to buy from your business and view it as a high-quality one. The box must allow your product to look better and it should give a good image of your company to shoppers. This can draw them to what you are selling and even make some of them buy the product. Therefore you can see that packaging has a major role to play. Custom Boxes Mart has excellent quality custom printed spray packaging boxes that are the right size, shape, design, etc. Professionals here are able to help clients get the packaging they want.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.