Shoe Boxes

Custom Printed shoes boxes create a great impact on the sale of the product. The packaging is not meant for the prevention of tearing, breaking, and deforming footwear but also improve the display of the boxes. Usually, the shoes are displayed on racks without boxes but when they are packed to deliver to the buyer these help in the promotion of the brand.

The custom shoes packaging crafted with premium quality material also helps to prevent the footwear from dust, sunlight, and extreme temperatures. We are offering a wide array of shoe boxes styles. Each design is created by focusing on specific features that every high quality shoe packaging must have. Our designer shoe boxes focus on the following key factors before designing the shoes to meet the demand of the customer.

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Custom Shoe Boxes Template

The primary thing is the appeal of the custom shoe boxes. We design a template that truly reflects the inside product. For example, for kids’ wear, we try to provide a cartoon or 3D image of children’s favorite characters. Moreover, women’s shoe packaging

is designed with high heel or sandal images. We prefer the artistic shoe template for the improvement of the brand and strengthening the position of the business.

Moreover, our workers keep the template eye-catchy by giving the logo of the company. Few shoe boxes are crafted with a minimalist design having just a logo of the company. Our main purpose is to help the brand to stand out in the market for a long time as well as aware people of the quality of the shoes.

Weight Of The Personalized Shoe Box

Another important feature that we keep in mind is the weight of the box. The weight of the box is proportional to the weight of the shoes. For example, if the shoe box manufacturer’s USA weight is 1 to 2 pounds then the weight of the box is about 2 to 3 pounds. It is important because if the package will be of light in weight then there are chances the box gets damaged. So we design by keeping this factor to improve the shelf life of both boxes and shoes.

Eco-Friendly Boxes

For stylish and sustainable shoe boxes, we use Eco-friendly materials. Our main box collection is constructed with cardboard, chipboard, or Kraft paper material. Moreover, the foldable option helps us to style these boxes in a variety of ways. Plus the Eco-friendly boxes are flexible for printing. Therefore, you get multiple options to give elegance to the custom shoe box packaging.

Sturdy Boxes Ensure Safe Delivery

Buy custom sneaker boxes and get the best deals at the lowest prices on Custom Boxes Mart! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. We focus on quality and never compromise on it. For that reason, we use thick cardboard material which has the ability to resist pressure. Mainly these boxes are lined with corrugated sheets to give them a sturdy appeal. These are hard enough to bear water splash and do not get torn because of moisture. We provide the hard box to create a memorable unboxing experience.

Size Of Custom Made Shoe Boxes

We provide you with various size options in custom shoe box printing. No matter what shape, style, and size the shoe are we craft a box for you. The sizes of the box vary according to the age of the person plus according to foot size. We have a wide range of plain shoe boxes to buy styles and sizes in kids’ wear, women’s, and men’s wear.

Style Of Shoe Boxes

For uniquely exhibiting the shoes, we provide multiple options for sports shoe box styles. We not only offered boring Kraft paper boxes rather we deal with a number of personalized shoe boxes to seek the attention of customers.

Cage Shoe box

The innovative type of shoe packaging box has been named a cage because of its shape. We design the box with a cardboard net or mesh and shoes are packed inside the box. Moreover, for extra protection against environmental factors, we add a thin layer of cardboard or Kraft paper over it. Usually, sneakers, sports shoes, and sandals are packed in customized shoe boxes. For a high-end appeal, we add the handles on one side for easy carriage of the box.

Hinged Box With Magnetic Closure

The hinged boxes with magnetic closures are ideal options for product promotion and as a gift box. We provide a sophisticated look and finish. We provide numerous options for hinged lid boxes. You can have them printed in the size, color, and shape of your choice. For a more personalized look, we provide minimalist design options having plain shoe boxes for sale with just the company logo stamped on the center of the lid.

Triangle Shoe Box Style

Another creative collection in our catalog to inspire our loyal customers is the viupax style box. The appealing variety looks like an acute triangle. It requires less space and less material to manufacture. We use less than 50% cardboard as compared to the general square two-piece cardboard box. The less space acquiring box can be stacked easily plus make shipping easy. The type of box is far less in cost and makes the display elegant.

Two-Panel Side Opening Shoe box

Another eye-catchy customized box to stand out in the market is the two-panel side opening box. It comes with a handle on its top. It offers a two-panel horizontal opening at a 60 or 70-degree angle. This feature makes the box interesting and appealing. The handle helps in opening the box plus also holds them to lock the box. This appearance creates a royal image and helps in improvement in the sale of the shoes. The type of box style will definitely help you to take your business to the next level.

Display Boxes With Windows

Our die-cut boxes with windows are other printed shoe boxes. Usually, the kid’s wear is packed in such boxes to showcase the product with elegance. Moreover, the sliding drawer with the upper case having a window is another enticing way to showcase the shoes. Although it’s a common type it offers a reliable custom shoe packaging box wholesale solution.

Printing Option

We want the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. Therefore, we provide numerous printing options to design the shoe packaging in a unique way. Currently, we are using the following printing methods to give the shoe box an innovative touch

Digital Print Option

We use a blend of colors and gradient textures to give the box a crafty appeal. Digital printing creates clear and crisp images that inspire the audience. It is cost-effective and mainly bets the option for designing a low number of boxes. For example, pink boxes for girls, blue boxes for boys, and red and white special Christmas boxes.

Screen Printing

The cost-effective printing technique is used for the boxes for a regular exhibit of shoes. Mainly two to three color mixtures are used to print the box. Usually, the brand name and logo are crafted through this method on the shoe box.

Foil Stamping

For the luxe feel we provide the option of foil stamping. Mainly high integrity shoes are packed in shoe containers/boxes in Canada, the USA with a single background color having a golden or silver company logo stamp. It ultimately gives the box a high-end and stupendous feel.

Finished Option

To give the custom shoe box design more elegance we offer various finished options. These include

  • Aqueous
  • Matte
  • Glossy
  • UV lamination

Each type has its own quality and property. The type of finish depends on the inside product. For example, for sneakers and sports shoes we prefer a matte finish while for formal wedding shoes with special boxes the glossy finish makes the perfect match. Similarly, we provide the finish option according to the budget of the client. UV type is a bit pricey but long-lasting. The aqueous finish looks trendy but may not bear the moisture and the box color fades easily.

Choose Custom Boxes Mart For The Quality Experience

If you are looking for shoe packaging boxes with integrity then contact us with confidence. Quality is our main objective. We never compromise on quality. Our professionals are working hard to bring innovation to the box industry. We provide a plethora of options so our clients get boxes of their choice at affordable rates.

Few reasons on the basis of which you can choose us are our premium quality box collection. Plus, we use the latest printers to create clear crisp, and well-defined patterns on the box. A proper closure system ensures the prevention of the shoes. Plus the unique printing style helps you to promote your brand without spending extra money. We provide valuable boxes that magically improve your sale and give your business a positive turn.

We assure you that our custom shoe boxes are worth purchasing. They resist environmental factors, bear pressure, and do not get damaged because of moisture. The addition of the corrugated layer and upper laminated layers both prevent shoes from damaging. Feel free to contact us, resolve queries if any, and place your order according to the size, and shape of the design.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.