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Custom Drawer Boxes

The packaging of a product is very important as it provides it with an enclosure in which people can place the item. It helps in making the product remain secure. Packaging can even market a brand and its merchandise when the brand designs the box in a way that it can stand out. There are different types of packaging that you can find but you should select the one best for what your product is. Custom drawer boxes are one popular type of packaging that open like a drawer. Brands can place their product inside this.

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If you want to know some tips on how to design drawer boxes, read on to learn more:

Custom Drawer Boxes (Choose rigid and strong packaging material)

If you want the packaging to protect your product, you should choose strong material to make the box allowing it to handle the weight of the product. When you select packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft, you can make a box that will be right in strength. Drawer packaging needs to be strong if you want it to give a good impression to your customers. This is why you must choose the best packaging material to make it from.

Attract who your product is for

Packaging that will be successful is the one that is strong and which can attract your customer base to the merchandise you are selling. Sales may increase for your business if you are able to do this. Therefore companies must first find out who their potential consumer base is and design custom printed drawer boxes that will attract them. For example if you are selling expensive jewelry to ladies, the box will look elegant, chic and expensive. You will give it a professional touch which shows shoppers that your brand is a high-class one.

Add a company logo

You must not forget to include your brand’s logo on the box. Drawer boxes with logo are the right ones to get as these can increase brand awareness. You need to let shoppers know about your company so that they can see it as a potential one to buy from. If you do not have a brand logo, you must design one that is recognizable and which stands out. A brand can even add the contact information of its business on packaging as this will make it be easier for people to get in touch with it when they need to. For this purpose you can include your brand’s phone number, email address, physical address, etc.

Right size

The drawer box should be the correct size as well. It should be simple for people to open the box and it must slide out carefully. All parts of the packaging need to be the right size if you want the box to be perfect for the product and if you wish it to give a positive impression to shoppers. It is better to avoid getting really large boxes because these will cost you more and the product can also move much inside. Really small ones may break and so you should not choose these as well. The perfect size box for your particular product is the one to get.

Colors and images to include

On wholesale drawer boxes you should focus on including attractive colors and images. Brands that have brand colors can choose to add these as they will help customers recognize your products. If you are not sure about which colors to include, you should look at color psychology which will help you get an idea of what different colors mean. For instance if you are selling expensive jewelry, you can include the colors black and golden on the box. These signify expense and can give this impression to shoppers. Brands that are able to design outstanding custom drawer boxes are able to make them attract shoppers to the product. They may then consider it and some may end up buying what you are selling. You need to try and make a strong box for this that you should also design in a way that it can stand out in front of the competition in your industry. The box should give the impression that your company is one that people should consider buying from.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.