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What Makes Rigid Boxes So Popular in Packaging Industry?

What makes rigid boxes so popular in packaging industry

You too must be familiar with the expression “people eat with their eyes before they eat with their stomachs”, it justifies the situation when the dish we order gets served so gorgeously plated that the excitement of tasting it grows excessively. If we compare, retail packaging is somewhat similar. Customers order luxurious goods, receiving them in lavish packaging sums to the overall worth of the item. When it comes to extravagant product packaging, rigid boxes set the gold criterion, and Custom Boxes Mart holds the honor of designing them for their potential customers. We have been into this line of work for 10 years now and are looking forward to enhancing our business and making our products known worldwide. CBM takes care of almost everything under its roof. It is like a one-window operation. We will have everything covered and designed according to your hopes. All you need to do is visit our website and place your order.

What Makes Rigid Boxes Stand Out?

Rigid boxes contrast from others in a few ways, most distinctly, material solidity; they tend to be quadrupled in thickness when compared to folding cases and other packaging solutions. They offer a variety of opening/closing experiences when compared to corrugated boxes.

These boxes are essentially made up of two parts, a primary chipboard segment and the wrapping that encases it. Usually, the illustrations are imprinted on a paper for marketing purposes to display their key messages and graphics on it, which is then sheathed around the outer chipboard. Buy Rigid boxes possess a very durable and stiff formation, which is why they have a high market demand. They are most commonly used in cosmetics, consumer electronics, wine and liquors, and many other luxury enterprises where the requirement is a more premium product packaging. The reason for their tremendous demand is not only their strength but the pleasing tactile sensation they give, making the packaging synonymous with the high-quality product, which is why they are most often used gift boxes too. Gifting is something that makes people happy, and if it is packaged in an elegant gift box, others get excited and pleased with invaluable enthusiasm.

The variety we offer

Rigid boxes belong to a very diverse kind of cases. There shape and category vary in accordance with the geometry of that particular item, which is to be placed in it. Transporting your goods safe and sound is the biggest concern these days. No one wants to suffer the loss of their fragile and expensive items. Custom Boxes Mart pays great attention to the security of objects.

Our first category of boxes is Flap Boxes, which also happens to be the most frequently used type of rigid boxes. This is the standard trucking box or seldomly called a Travelling box. It consists of 4 flaps, of which 2 covering the longer sides are called the Major flaps, and the 2 present on the shorter sides are called the Minor flaps. The flap boxes are an essential range of packaging intended for transport and storage purposes. We manufacture the boxes in any dimension and measurement according to the buyer’s requirements using 4 layers of firm corrugated cardboard. This justifies the reason why our Boxes seem unbreakable, and our products receive high appreciation from our clients. When a client places its order, first, we examine the products which are to be carried in those boxes. After making a complete analysis, the most appropriate type of cardboard is used in the formation of the required boxes, so they can withstand the load capacity of the products and secure their transport. The best thing is, they are ready to use. No work is required on the client’s behalf.

The second category is 2 Piece Rigid Box. When you are looking for a classy way to bestow your gifts, and merchandise a two-piece commodity box could be the answer. This type of product box is made up of, rigid carton and consists of two pieces: a lid and a bottom. You can get it customized in sizes and finishes according to your requirements. Custom Boxes Mart uses a high-quality greyboard to manufacture two-piece rigid boxes, which serves as a shielding wall from possible damage and cracks. We ensure that none of our boxes break. Just like Flap boxes, all you have to do is buy them and bring them to use, because they are totally operational and don’t require any assistance from the buyer.

Last but definitely not the least, our third category covers the most preferred kind in packaging, the Magnetic Closure Box. These foldable boxes are entirely customizable and ideal for storing items and luxury packaging. This flagship category of ours is manufactured using top-notch closure technology to ensure safe packaging and is well-known for its durability and compatibility. They can be used over and over again, serving as a perfect choice for storage purposes.

We’ll surely meet your expectations!

CBM offers plenty of services including, free designing, quick and free of cost delivery, top quality printing for its customers, just to save their precious time and money. Printing is the base requirement for every product. It doesn’t just add up and enhances the beauty of the box, but it also proves to be the source of marketing for the client. The details and messages representing the firm or industry can be printed on them. The graphical representation is another unique way of showing your true potential to the market. We offer both single and multi-color types of printing at very reasonable rates. The printing using only one color costs less, and its results are good, but multi-color printing enhances the beauty of the box greatly, and its outcome is remarkable. Some boxes, like cosmetic or gift boxes, need to have an extraordinarily amazing and distinctive appearance. For that purpose, we offer silver and gold foiling. You can choose whichever suits you according to your wishes and expectations, and we will wrap your box into that. CBM offers flexible prices, our rates are negotiable, and there are no hidden charges, as we fancy partnership more than money. You can email us at the given email address, or you can call us the preference is yours. You can also text us on WhatsApp. Our web team will be pleased to serve you, and they will be at your service anytime.