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Gift Boxes

Custom Gift boxes with logo are essential to any party. They are important in the practice of gift-giving and are most often very hard to find in the correct amount or the correct color. If you know the struggle of finding the perfect gift box to wrap up your present you know what I am talking about. Gift-giving is an art form people don’t just know the struggle of finding the perfect combination of item and gift box. A good gift box is something that adds to the element of surprise and that is something very special for people. The last thing to remember when picking out your perfect gift box is the color pattern even if you find out the adequate size of the gift box there is still the chance that you will not find the perfect color.

Don’t worry just go to custom box mart and select the gift box you want? Don’t worry about the sizes and shapes of the boxes. We have everything you need. There is not a single combination of a gift box we can’t make. You like blue strips with hearts for ribbons we have them. If you like to make your custom gift boxes for your special person, we can do that too. The only limitation is your imagination. We at custom box mart specialize in making all kinds of boxes for our customers. We have a large variety of gift packaging which can range from special occasions to casual party gifts.

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Custom Gift Boxes

The last recommendation is the custom-made box option. This is a rare option to use for general items but is very handy for special occasion items like a custom gift box for a wedding cake so that no one touches it before the reception. So, a large enough box to fit human beings. That is done to allow people to do surprise parties. Whatever the reason Custom Boxes Mart will make the perfect custom gift boxes with logo for your needs. So rest assured and describe your need for a gift packaging and we will make it happen with all that we have got.  The color pattern of the boxes is made with special attention to fine details like patterns and curves. We also make it so that most of our patterns are made to look smooth and easy on the eyes. Which gives them that extra layer of attraction. The second thing that is unique about our color style is that it gives the customer full control over the box color palette. You can select multiple patterns in a large variety of colors with no issues. You can even get some pictures and send them to us and we will add a collage of them and paste it on the box walls. To make it into an extra special gift for your loved ones.

What is the Gift Boxes Made of?

Some of Custom Luxury Gift boxes are made from regular cardboard material. Some are made with high-grade and low-grade chipboard rigid stock which is a more advanced form of cardboard. This allows the boxes to be high quality with smoother finishes and much more durable so they don’t lose their shapes and form while in travel. This is also a great box type to use for party gift boxes as most of them end up being stacked on top of each other. The sturdy gift boxes allows packing to withstand the weight of other gifts and makes sure that your present isn’t ruined. Furthermore, you can even use them as convenient place holders or even in some cases like a small fold up table.  The boxes themselves are made with Eco-friendly material that has almost zero carbon footprint. This is great for the environment as well in the long run as these boxes are biodegradable and can be safely thrown out, unlike plastic boxes which are bad for the environment in general. The boxes are very light as well due to this material. The other unique thing about our boxes is that they don’t require nails or tape for assembly they come with holes and joints already but in the sheet. This allows for users to just fold them into place without any need for tools. This is especially good for large companies that often require 100 or thousand box orders. This is not however limited to such orders. We do this for all our customers.

Gift Packaging Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes with Logo option is the most versatile option present on our webpage. As a customer, you are allowed to play with all the combinations of colors and patterns that are printable. The gift boxes to get your ideal gift box. After all the necessary checks you can even order the boxes you create online. You can even take pictures of existing designs and we will print them out for you. There are endless possibilities and you can get the one you like with ease.

Prices of Custom Printed Gift Boxes

Speaking about prices the boxes have three types of corrugated, cardboard, and chipboard which have different price ranges attached to them. Rest assured that whatever prices we quote are the best prices you will have in the market. We have a very dedicated production team that is always looking to make custom gift boxes with the best possible materials and keep all of that under a suitable price. CBM know that people who are buying gift boxes aren’t looking to get expensive bills for a container. We are working so that you get the best products that you deserve and within budget. 

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To sum it all up if you have any troubling picking gift boxes try out Custom Boxes Mart. We have all the best selection of custom gift boxes with logo that you will ever see in your life. CBM even provide the best possible color combinations available on the market. We can even challenge you that we provide the best possible rates of the product among other gift box companies. We take pride in our speedy and responsive customer service. Which is filled with competent individuals who are ready to help you with any problem.  We try to provide the best possible customer service for our products with no errors. We try to make the product that the customers envision in their minds. So, the best thing to help us achieve that goal is to get customer feedback. We have a web page section that is geared towards customer feedback. CBM take all the related suggestions from manufacturing ideas to ideas about designs. We try to incorporate the best ideas in our company stagey. This makes us closer to our customer’s needs. We display these suggestions for future references. They are also there so that people can pick and choose the ones they like. Of course, as mentioned before we have a custom gift boxes option. We take pride in the fact that good customer service leads to a happy client. Happy client’s area gateway to more prosperity and good fortune. That’s why we hope to spread our good fortune by helping out our customers in any way possible.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.