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Corrugated Boxes

Custom Corrugated boxes are simply just large containers for your stuff. These are the types of boxes that are most frequently used when moving things from one place to another. They are also some of the most elusive things to find when you need them. Moreover, when you don’t need them, they seem to be everywhere. Not having these boxes can be a real problem for people who are looking to shift homes. They can also be used as general packing material for things of storage.

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Benefits of Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom corrugated boxes have become the need of the hour. No company can deny it’s sue because it is an efficient source for the safe delivery of products nationwide and at the international level. Few befits linked with this type of packaging and make the corrugated boxes choice of clients are:

Maximum Protection

Custom Corrugated boxes are durable and stronger as compared to thin cardboard sheets. These offer a stable cushion for the products and provide safe delivery to the end-user. Their size and thickness vary according to the weight of the product, we offer different options in shape and sizes of these boxes. Moreover, the additional sheets are added to keep the product from moisture, dust and germs. We care for products so design the boxes in a way to offer maximum prevention.

Easy Customization

The boxes are printing flexible. No matter what is your product and company requirement we print these boxes according to your choice. We offer simple logo printing to dense printing options. We check your product style and then print the box that perfectly matches your requirement.


The recyclable custom corrugated boxes are quite cost-effective. This box packaging does not affect the cost of the product. There is no need for high labor costs as these are easy to process and fold. Moreover, recyclable features make them budget-friendly and easy to assemble.

Help Brand Recognition

Custom Corrugated boxes are become a wonderful choice for the company’s to promote their brand. These are cheap marketing agents. You don’t need extra effort to recognize your brand rather logo printed on the box with the company’s message plays a significant role in promoting your products. We use special printing design on the durable boxes to impress your customers. You can customize your boxes by adding the personal touch to win the loyalty of your customers.


Custom corrugated boxes are crafted with about 70 o 100% recycled material. Thus these are biodegradable and Eco-friendly. This gives the plus point to the green packaging and makes it worthy to use. We don’t use any bleaches or dyes and keep them natural for this reason, our boxes are best to store and ship food products.


These are light in weight but sturdy boxes. These do not add to the shipping cost but help in the safe delivery of products to the end-user. You don’t have to pay an extra shipment of box weight. These are light in nature and do not create an impact on the overall weight of the box.   These are few benefits that make corrugated boxes ideal to use for product storage and to deliver product safe and sound.

Are They Just Regular Cardboard Boxes?

They mostly come in two types. They are either based on a paper-based material or a cardboard-based material. Whatever the case maybe they are still tougher than regular cardboard boxes. The other thing to keep in mind is that they are also classified based on the position of their faces and number of walls. At Custom Boxes Mart we have all the types of boxes so you don’t have to worry about finding the right one.

Single Faced Box

The first type of box is the single-faced box. This box type is made with one corrugated medium glued together on a singular sheet of linerboard to form a sheet of the box. There are 6 different sheets that make the box. This option is the lightest packing available on the market

Single Wall double Face Box

The second option is the single wall double face box. This is similar to the previous version but instead of a singular linerboard, it has a two-liner board sheet glued together with the corrugated sheet like a sandwich. This increases stability and makes it possible for heavier objects to be safely transported by the box.

Double-Wall Box

The third option is the double-wall box with two corrugated layers fixed with three layers of linerboard medium. This makes it a heavier version of the cardboard box with a lot of carrying potential. This is a very common option opted by people for travel and other storage issues.

Triple Wall Box

The final and fourth version of the box is made of triple wall protection with four linerboard sheets and 3 corrugated medium sheets. This is the heaviest and toughest box set on the market right now. If you want more protection for your materials then you would be better off using a wooden box. This is the best protection in corrugated box material available on the market. It has the most effective wall linings making transport much safer and easier. The thick walls also act as a soft cushion on the road when transporting on a car or van.
Do They Come in Custom Box Shapes?
We at Custom Boxes Mart are always here for your loyal customers. We provide variation of shapes and sizes with the most popular being the square and rectangular type cardboard boxes. But that’s not all if we are talking about shapes. We also provide cylindrical and circular boxes for many different occasions. We also provide our customers with the ability to order their custom-made boxes with any logo or colour they want. It does take a little while to prepare but the order and delivery process is very safe and secure. We also try to optimize it as much as we can. So, that we can make the waiting time shorter. Corrugated boxes are available in different styles. Few of them are
  1. A Flute
This size has a cushioning effect with good structural strength it can be used for glassware protection and can be easily stacked on top of each other. No. of Flutes in Linear Foot: 36, Flute Height: 1/4”
  1. B Flute
This size of the box is good for crushing and punctures resistance and can be used to store rough material like pads and partitions which are heavy or rugged. No. of Flutes in Linear Foot: 49Flute Height: 1/8”
  1. C Flute
This size of the box is good for printing and has a good crushing resistance allowing it to be used as a very secure shipping container for glass, furniture and food items. No. of Flutes in Linear Foot: 41Flute Height: 11/64”
  1. E Flute
This is a very thin-walled box with excellent crush resistance making it great for holding fragile things such as ceramics, cosmetics and is a popular box type for holding a pizza. No. of Flutes in Linear Foot: 90Flute Height: 1/16”
  1. F Flute
The last cardboard box is great at both crush and wearing resistance. It can be used in many places but most commonly it is used for fast food clam-shell containers. It can also be seen as a part of shoe boxes and cosmetic boxes. No. of Flutes in Linear Foot: 128Flute Height: 1/32”

What Can You Order? 

To answer this question, you can order anything you want. If you want a Barbie doll styled box to make your little daughter happy, we can make that happen. If you want a box that has characters from the avengers for your son, we can do that too. We can make custom-named boxes with any color palette you want. The process is simple just call or email us with your instructions along with a precise picture of what you want. Leave the rest to us we will make it happen.
What Are The Various Sizes of The Boxes? 
The corrugated boxes are designated by different sizes that range from A, B, C, E and F. The most common size is the C size of Box.
Why Do We Make Corrugated Boxes?
The main thing to get from our words is that these boxes are used all over the world. They are made by most companies and are very simple and bland. That means they are always lacking in some aspects. In this day and age, these are very essential to manufacturers and individuals alike. For that reason, we are always looking for fun new ways to keep our products fresh. We are constantly looking for better materials and more affordable prices. So that we always put a smile on our users making sure they have nothing but good words for our products. This is a beautiful circular system that keeps all the people involved in it prosperous. So, we open you will keep buying your corrugated boxes from us and contributing to this beautiful process one box at a time.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.