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Rigid Boxes - All you need to know about

All You Need to Know About Rigid Storage Boxes

Rigid storage boxes tend to be containers that one uses to store items. These have a hard and inflexible shell and often come in different shapes as well as sizes. Rigid box packaging suppliers sell these boxes like storage containers for different items, including expensive and delicate ones. Collectors can use them to store the collections that they have. Therefore these boxes are a strong packaging solution and so some brands prefer them. It is a popular option for some kinds of products. This is mainly because of the support and luxury feel that it gives. The packaging is premium packaging because of its weight plus expense.

The following are some points that you should know about a customized rigid box:

What are rigid boxes?

Custom Rigid boxes tend to be strong paper-based box that has high-thickness chipboard. A supplier wraps this with the help of decorative specialty paper. Businesses often use the packaging for board games, luxury items, gifts, etc.

Luxury rigid box packaging gives a premium feel which enhances the consumers’ unboxing experience. This helps a brand establish itself further in the market. The boxes provide many branding abilities via printing and finishing. This includes hot stamping, decorative elements, coatings, as well as embossing or debossing.

How to make a rigid box

You may want to know about rigid box accessories that can help make this box. For this, you need to know that two different rigid box types are present. This includes partial finish along with full finish rigid carton boxes.

Partial finish

This is a type of rigid packaging which has the wrapping and chipboard in a way that is only somewhat complete. When it comes to wrapping, one uses it to only finish the box’s outer surfaces. The chipboard within is visible and bare, therefore it is not finished.

The luxury rigid box manufacturer will make the box with a single-piece of chipboard having perforated crease lines present for folding. It is wrapped without the extra exterior layer that leaves the Kraft and grey chipboard material in a way that it is exposed.

The partially finished custom printed rigid boxes will take less time to make because a manufacturer will use less material in the construction process.

Full finish

A full finish one will have no chipboard that is left exposed because the manufacturer will wrap luxury rigid boxes entirely. They use thicker chipboard, with around 2-3 mm thickness. They separate the inner chipboard into pieces for every side of the box. You can laminate it with different finishing options. This depends on your needs.

The full finish custom rigid packaging will also possess an additional layer of wrapping. This can be white which is the default one or even printed.

Different rigid box styles

You can get different types of wholesale rigid boxes. This includes tube packaging or the rigid tube box which is cylindrical, will have no corners and you can usually find it in a telescopic or shoulder-neck style of opening.

For the magnetic closures rigid boxes, one will have two magnets which one puts in the rigid boxes which lock together to firmly seal this box shut.

A telescopic rigid box will have a lid that can come off particularly of the base vertically.

Drawer-style rigid boxes open in the way that match-boxes do.

The book-style rigid box or rigid book box will open in a way that a hardcover book opens.

The shoulder neck rigid boxes have multiple layers, encompassing a different nick or shoulder inner layer which a lid may lay on top.

Extra packaging materials

With rigid packaging boxes production, additional packaging materials such as box inserts are popular at the time one is designing rigid packaging. These inserts are good when you want to give the ultimate unboxing experience with the rigid box.

You can make a custom packaging insert particularly for your item, therefore allowing it to stay in place and give an elevated presentation whilst providing much shock protection.

From the above, you can see that small and large rigid boxes or those of any size can help a brand out. This is because the packaging is strong and can give the product a unique and outstanding look.



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