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Hair Extension Boxes

Custom hair extension boxes are the perfect means to deliver these to end-user as well as they can keep the artificial hair tangled free for a long time. Women always want to add beauty to their personalities. One of these means is in trend is hair extensions. The long synthetic hairs that are easy to use and remove need some exceptional care of storage. Therefore, we provide an excellent solution for protecting hair extensions. We deal with premium quality packaging

The boxes are created with the tough boxes to maintain the integrity of the product. We are designing these hair extension boxes in a variety of styles and colors for crafting the packaging hair extension our designers focus on following key features that the box for artificial hair must-have. We presents a Vast selection of wholesale hair extension packaging Box dimensions custom of all kinds.

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The company’s manufacturing hair extensions are much conscious about the brand and sale of products. They are making an effort to keep the product in such a package that attracts the customer. Therefore they seek our help to get the alluring packaging for the hair extensions so buyers immediately make the decisions for buying these artificial hairs. Our main focus is to craft attractive custom hair extension boxes. 

We consciously select the color scheme of the boxes and printing style to give the box a differentiating feature. The companies must get identification from the box. We first check the shade of hair extension, logo theme of the company and then create the box that makes a perfect combination. We prefer vibrant color boxes to give them a persuasive touch.

Addition Of Promotional Content

Custom Boxes with logo are the best mean of marketing. These are cheap marketing agents that help companies to interact with consumers. Therefore, to fulfill the promotional strategy of the companies we add promotional content over the box. Each box is not only printed with hair image and company logo but we also add the material of hair extension, thickness of hair, and the right way to attach with the head it creates a positive impression on the buyer as she read the instructions and information about the synthetic hairs. It helps her to make a decision immediately

Various Shapes And Styles Of Boxes For Wrinkle-Free Packing

Hair extension needs the specialized boxes where they can be placed without folding or getting wrinkles. Otherwise, it will damage the original appeal of the product. For this reason, we craft the special elongated boxes with width according to the strength of hair extension. We embellish these boxes with a special printed style and tie with ribbons to give them a gift appeal. Moreover use of magnetic closure, weave style pillow packaging with handle and narrow rectangular shaped boxes are added in our collection to safely keep the synthetic hairs in them.

Lamination Of The Box

Boxes surface is considered to attain the appealing characteristics in the box; we add the silk or plastic layer on the surface of the box to give it a shiny appeal. It is an ideal factor that helps in the retention of the logo and other details for a long time on the box. We use other lamination options also like aqueous, UV, gloss, and semi-matte surface. The key benefit of using the lamination not only makes the packaging attractive but it also prevents the box from the moisture, dirt, dust, and smudges to penetrate inside the box.


Hair extension boxes are designed with tough and sturdy material. These are long-run items and need to be kept safe from dust moisture and getting tangled, therefore keeping this aspect in mind we use tough boxes crafted with multiple Kraft paper layers you can easily place back extensions after using it. To maintain integrity and to make them reusable we use thick material that can retain pressure and some rough usability.

Hair Extension Boxes Material 

To achieve the premium quality box we consider all these factors. Plus we use the high-quality white boxes to style it for packing hair extensions. Plus, we print it to make it enticing; the materials we use for crafting the boxes for packing of hair extensions are Kraft paper and cardboard. The reasons for using this material!

  • These are flexible for printing. We can use multiple printing techniques to give the box a high-end feel. Moreover, these can be assorted in different sizes and shapes.
  • The material is Eco-friendly and can be easily disposed of without harming nature.
  • These can be molded and folded in a variety of shapes plus these features sturdiness and flexibility.
  • The last but not least thing due to which cardboard materials are used is their cost-effectiveness.

Styles for Custom Hair Extensions Boxes

Drawer Boxes

The strikingly attractive type of box having the drawer shape is a perfect option. The sturdy and tough boxes with appealing printed design immediately grab the attention of the consumer. The boxes open sideways as a drawer. Once they are opened they revealed the inside product elegantly. The boxes are not costly and do not affect the overall price of the product.

We print it according to the shade of the hair extension to make a perfect combination.

Two-Piece Lid Boxes

For more protective systems the two-piece boxes are used for keeping hair extension. The sturdy base of the box snugly fits the extension without causing wrinkles. The robust packaging is big in size and simple in appeal. Usually, the company’s log and essential info are printed on the plain box. To keep it graceful we use the foil stamping for the company logo and on one side the information is added. The boxes are although simple yet they are attention-seeking.

Long Flap Boxes

The horizontal box has the top flip-top opening. It is the ideal style for keeping the thin and narrow hair strands. The box contains information about the color and length of the extension to make it convenient for consumers to make decisions.

Window Hair Extension Boxes

To showcase the hair extension elegantly we craft the window boxes. These create an alluring impression for retailers. To cater to the demand of consumers we craft these boxes in various shapes and styles. We first take the dimension of hair extension and then create a custom box to fit the stands properly.

Pillow Hair Extension Boxes

The foldable yet rigid type of boxes for hair extensions is appealing in character. We use the pillow style packaging. These boxes are attractive and enticing because of their subtle appeal. We provide the hang able boxes in this category. Thus we add user convenience in the box.

Sizes of the Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extensions are available in different sizes. Some are moderate length; others are the full length that may extend up to hips or thighs for easy hair styling. Thus to keep such extensions we provide customized boxes. We design the boxes of variable sizes according to the demand of the customer.

Printing styles for A More Elegant Look

To make the box appealing we use three different types of printing methods. Our modern printers are capable of providing high-quality crisp prints. We use the following printing techniques to give the hair extension box a persuasive touch

Digital Printing

It is easy to print technique that uses no printing plates. To give the box a photo-realistic quality at an affordable price we use this type of printing.


It provides artistic appeal and includes embossing plus foil stamping. Lithographic printing offers the premium quality and doubles the appeal of the box.

Flexographic Printing

For single color printing, we use flexographic. Custom Printed Wholesale Wig Boxes with lowest rates, We offer a variety of custom shapes & styles for your die cut Wig Boxes at customboxesmart.com.

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We have been making the custom hair extension boxes for years. We want customer satisfaction so we use the premium quality boxes. Moreover, we never compromise on printing, style, and size we provide the same integrity that customers expect from us.

Feel free to contact us and get the boxes of your choices. You can check our catalog and explore the boxes designed and style. Moreover, check out the printing you need on the box, add the information you want to have on the box. Plus provide us with the exact volume and size of hair extension. It is important because the wrong dimension will not help us to create the box with the right dimensions.

Get our services for the custom hair extension boxes to attract the attention of your customers. On display, our boxes give the unique appeal on the rack and customers want to purchase hair extensions packed in premium quality boxes. Check out our custom wigs mart selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our wigs shops.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.