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Grow Your Business Manifolds With Hair Extension Boxes

Grow Your Business Manifolds With Hair Extension Boxes

Hair Extension Boxes

One of the key branches of the women’s cosmetic industry is hair extension. Hair extensions are widely used by young and elder women to elongate their hair or even add a complexion to hair. Women with black hair tend to use colorful hair extensions for events. Similarly, women with brown or golden hair tend to use black hair extensions as a complexion for their hair. But conscious brands always make use of Hair Extension Boxes for packing them. This is because they are keen on product and brand promotion and cannot afford to take any risk for their product.

Why Hair Extension Boxes Are Unique

We have known packing products for quite a long time. We even know specific boxes for packing specific products. But Custom Hair Extensions Boxes are unique in their nature. These boxes are manufactured for hair products such as extensions. They have an ordinary shape and to be honest, they can be ignored as well. But if you are a renowned brand or intend to become one, then such boxes are important for you.

Let’s get to the facts that why hair extension packaging boxes are important, unique, and necessary to promote your business. Through these boxes, your hair extensions are meant to be safe and clean from dust and other impurities. In this way, they retain the glow of hair extensions so that they can be used often without the worry of being dirty. Moreover, it is quite difficult to stack and display your hair extension products independently. That is, you would need threads, ribbons, and other material for support. But with boxes, your hair extensions would be easily stacked, packed in designated boxes.

Box Designs and Styles

Since these boxes are ordinary and common, their styling and design are all that matters. And it is up to you to make sure what maximum customization and modification your box needs.

·       Shape

This is certainly the most important part of Hair Extension Boxes and there are multiple ways you can make sure your box has the best shape. You can select an auto-lock style, a sliding box style, and even a flap box style. All depending upon your requirements.

These are different box designs you can adopt:

Drawer Boxes
Two-Piece Lid Boxes
Long Flap Boxes
Pillow Boxes

·       See-Through Windows

One of the common box customizations includes a see-through window. This is getting quite normalized these days. A see-through window is provided in the box to allow the customers to have a sneak peek view of the stored product. You can use this to your advantage when packing hair extension products.

Hair extensions can be viewed through see-through windows when packed and stacked. Customers can view these products from a distance and make sure what is packed in the boxes and of what color. This is a good way to identify and confirm your product.

·       Branding

When conducting hair extensions business, it is necessary that you make use of wholesale hair extension boxes to promote your business. Add your brand logo on the box and make sure the box is colored in proper dark and light shades. Also, add a product image on the box to make the box look specific for a specific product. You can also add your brand trademark as well as different quotations.

·       Extras

After you’ve done all, there is room for more. You can even add a good finish to your box. Such as a gloss and matte finish. There is also the possibility to make your brand logo and name foiled with gold paper. Again, extras are meant to be extras. They are not necessary but you can add them to make your box stand out against others.

Materials Used for Hair Extension Boxes

Good material is very important in any case. When looking to store and pack products, we make use of packing products such as boxes, paper bags, and plastic bags. Among these boxes are preferred because they are responsible for providing strength and safety to the packed product.

There are three different materials that you can use to make your box. Kraft paper, corrugated paper, and cardboard can be used to make your packing box. It all depends upon the weight of the product you intend to store. When making Hair Extension Boxes for packing hair extensions that are light in weight, you can easily use cardboard boxes.

Boxes: Efficient and Economic

Boxes are an efficient and economical way to pack your products and also to stack them. They are made from those materials that are cheap and easily available throughout the world. Their easy availability is the prime factor that makes a box of all sorts low-cost. Moreover, they help you in stacking your products over shelves. It is difficult to stack multiple products over shelves but boxes help in this case. Products are packed in the boxes and then boxes are stacked on shelves and over one another. In this way, fewer boxes are used to store more products.

In addition, Kraft hair extension boxes are great for the environment. The materials used to make boxes are eco-friendly and can be used multiple times. One box made for a specific product can be utilized many times for many other products.

Hair Extension Boxes at A Glance

We have discussed a lot about these boxes and now let’s have a summarized look. You need these boxes for related products to increase your product and brand promotion. This would result in more brand recognition and help your business to grow manifolds. With proper customization, you can make sure your box standout.



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