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Shoe Boxes: Essential Than Your Shoes

Shoe Boxes Essential Than Your Shoes

The apparel industry has risen to fame in no time by providing some exquisite products that people love to wear. T-shirts, tops, hoodies, tracksuits, and shoes are some common apparels that are up for grabs at every outlet. Olympic and sport athletes make effective use of the apparel to look smart, classy as well as making sure the products help them in their daily chores. Olympic and sports that involve running or immense workouts require that athletes are equipped with proper gear. One important element of the gear is shoes. Moreover, people make use of shoes for parties, office, and casual occasions as well.

Like all products, shoes require proper boxes in which they can be packed, stored, and stacked for future use. Shoe Boxes are responsible for making sure that your shoes are ever-new and ready to be used on the go. The outlets and brands selling shoes make use of these dedicated boxes not only for packing the products efficiently but also include promotions and advertisements. This is because boxes have emerged as great economical advertising methods.

What Makes Shoe Boxes Special?

Boxes might look identical and ordinary from the outside but it is the purpose for which they are made that makes them special. Boxes are generally produced for ensuring safety and security for the stored product. Different manufacturers use unique boxes for their products but the universal goal is the same that is providing safety to their products.

Shoe Boxes do not have a wide variety of designs and shapes. And you might have noticed this as well. This is mainly because a box with universal size has always fulfilled the purpose and shoes can be twisted easily for effective packing. On the other hand, if a brand produces shoes for toddlers to elders, they might use different boxes.

These boxes are special because they ensure that once you pack your shoes in them, no dust or other impurities are going to harm your shoe. Moreover, you can avoid dispersing your shoes in the cupboard as these boxes would provide a productive way to store them. Pack your shoes in their dedicated boxes and improve the outlook of your cupboard and make it easy to identify them when needed.

How Can I Make Simple Shoe Box The Best?

If you are crazy about customizations and modifications, this is the place for you. A customization is a tool that brings the inner creator out of you and gives you the ability to craft your box your way. Mind you, you are not going to know the customization hacks here but also a productive way to make your Shoebox.

  • Making a Shoe Box

To make your shoebox, get a long sheet of Kraft or corrugated paper since they are thick and would serve the purpose. Mark the size you want to create on the paper and cut the sheet into a single piece. No create cut patterns on the edge of each side. Now you can join the sides by inserting one side into another through these cut patterns. Make a top cover and insert it separately. This design would look identical to a two-piece box.

  • See-Through Windows

See-through windows are very rare in the case of Shoe Boxes. However, if you need an x-factor for your brand and product, you can add a see-through window to your box. There are two types of see-through windows. One of the designs allows the viewers to touch the stored product. Whereas the other design only provides a glimpse of the stored product. Make sure to go with the second design by covering the see-through space with transparent plastic.

  • Branding

This is the essential part. You must include your brand logo, trademarks, and other useful information such as size, color, and even barcodes. Make sure to color your box matching the prime colors of your brand.


It is time to shift to boxes from plastic packaging and Shoe Boxes are widely regarded as a great agent for promoting plastic reduction. This is because these boxes are made in a way that they can be dissembled and used for various other purposes rather than just packing shoes.

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