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Tea Boxes

Many people across the globe like to consume tea. Therefore there are many brands selling this as well. It is tough standing out in front of the competition like this. If you make good-quality tea, you can attract people to it. Apart from this, you can create excellent tea boxes that will be able to stand out and draw the eyes of your consumer base.  If your brand is able to design them well, they can protect the tea and make it look more wonderful. But, you need to make your brand be able to stand out in front of the competition.

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6 Tips to Make the Perfect Tea Boxes

The following are 6 tips to help you make amazing packaging for tea:

Sturdy packaging

It is necessary to make a strong box if you wish it to protect the tea perfectly. It must not have chemicals in it that can go into the tea. Some packaging materials that will be good for tea packaging are cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. These boxes can allow the tea to remain safe and also reach customers in excellent condition. No harmful influences will come into contact with the tea like germs.

Right size box

With the packaging of tea, you also need to choose the correct size box if you want it to be perfect. The size is important because it can help make the transportation of the tea be easier. A huge box may make the tea move much around inside. You will also end up having to pay more for a box that is really big. On the other hand, small packaging is also not good because it can break. Therefore you need to be certain that custom tea boxes are the correct size.

Increase brand awareness

When you include a brand logo on custom printed tea boxes, it can help increase brand awareness. The logo is what people will use to help notice the products from your company. But, for this you must make a logo that is noticeable and recognizable. A company can also add its contact information on packaging like its physical address, phone number, email address, website, etc. These details are important as they help people contact your business maybe if they want to buy more tea.

Stand out to your consumer base

When you are designing printed tea boxes, these should be able to stand out to your potential customer base if you want the sales of tea to increase. You will be making the box so that your target audience will notice it and so can buy the merchandise. For example if you are selling an herbal tea for weight loss targeting ladies, the packaging can have a professional look to it. Shoppers must feel like the tea will help them lose weight.
Select the best colors and images
You must focus on choosing the right colors and images to add on wholesale tea boxes if you want them to look amazing. Look at color psychology when selecting which colors you want to add. These will allow you to choose those that connect to what you are selling. For example if you want to show your customer base that your tea is a healthy one, you can include the color green on the box. This color signifies health and healing. If you decide to include pictures on packaging, these should relate to tea. When people see the box, they must know that the product inside is tea.
Information about the tea
On custom tea packaging, you can include details about the tea if you wish more people to know about it. This can be stuff like its ingredients, expiry date, warnings, how to store, etc. When you are adding any details, you must choose a good font to include them in. The font has to be readable and the size must be right also. The details should be simple for everyone to easily read. From the above you can see that tea boxes can help a brand by advertising the tea. If the box is able to stand out in front of the competition, it can attract those potential customers who want to buy the tea. Custom Boxes Mart is a packaging supplier that can help you get the tea boxes that you are looking for. Their team of professionals knows how to design these boxes so that they can attract.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.