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Custom Paper Boxes

Brands that sell products need to know which the best packaging for them is. You should be able to get the one that will be the correct strength and which you can easily customize to be perfect for your product. It is important to keep in mind that packaging will be the first impression you will probably be giving of your company and you should be able to give a good one if you want sales to increase. Custom paper boxes are a good option and you must design them so that they are perfect.

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Custom Paper Boxes

The following provides you with some useful tips on how to design paper boxes:

Correct size plus shape

If you have chosen paper as your packaging material, you must make the right size and shape box if you want it to protect your merchandise. The box should be able to perfectly secure whatever is inside it if you want shoppers to see your brand positively. Wholesale paper boxes must not be too large and should not be too small even. These will not be effective for the packaging. A large one can make your items move whilst a small one may break therefore you must measure the merchandise and make the correct size box for it. You can customize the packaging to be of any shape that you want. Unique shapes can attract but they should not negatively impact the product. For instance some shapes may not be easily stackable in a store.

Increase brand recognition

It is better to choose paper boxes with logo because these are the ones that can increase brand awareness. You need to do this if you want more people to know about your company and the products that it makes and sells. You should add a brand logo on packaging which your shoppers will use for brand recognition. The logo should be in a visible place that people can notice also. Add your company’s details on packaging like its address, number, email ID, etc. These details are helpful for those customers who wish to contact your company when they may want to buy more products.

Research on who your consumer base is

The paper box must be able to attract those people who wish to buy the products that your company sells. When you create the box like this, it can be prominent to those people who are your likely customers. If your shoppers are mostly kids, you can design the box by including pictures of popular cartoons on it. It can even have bright and fun colors which attract children. Packaging trying to attract the elderly can look decent and it should be easy to understand even.

Choose right type of box

With paper packaging, you can get the correct type of box which will be able to effectively package your merchandise. There are different types of boxes like pillow boxes, gable boxes, window boxes, tuck end boxes, etc. You should find out the features of these if you want to get the right one for the product you are selling. For example if your business sells a product that will convince people to buy it after they see it, you can get a window box. This has a transparent window which people use to easily view what is inside the box.

Select correct colors and images

It is possible to easily print on printed paper boxes therefore you should choose the right colors and images to include on these. Color psychology helps people select the right colors that have a certain meaning. For example a brand wanting to show simplicity can select the color white. It is better to add pictures that relate to what you are selling so that the packaging does not look confusing. Custom paper boxes are a good option to choose for certain products. If your product is in the list of these, you must make the box properly if you want it to be right. It must be able to safely protect the product allowing no harm to occur to it. You should even make the box in a way that it stands out so that you can easily market the product within it. Custom Boxes Mart has high-quality custom printed paper boxes. The professionals here are able to design this box in a way that will be right for what you are selling and what can attract your consumers as well.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.