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Chinese Takeout Packaging Boxes

Which Chinese Takeout Boxes Will Give a Good Impression to Shoppers?

Chinese food is a popular option across the globe. This is why there are even many restaurants or takeaways selling it. If you own one of these, you will want to get perfect Chinese takeout boxes that can store the food in properly. The box must be simple to carry and should also look good. When people look at it, they must get a good impression of your company. If you are finding it tough designing the box, read on to get some tips on how to do this.

Choose packaging material carefully

For food items, you need to be able to choose packaging material that will not harm the product. This can make it bad to eat and you have to care about the health of your shoppers. You should look for packaging material which will not have chemicals in it.

For Chinese takeout packaging, you can select materials like cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, and Kraft boxes, if you are looking for a “safe” and strong option. The boxes can protect your food in properly and will also show shoppers that you care about their health.

You can customize the box according to the needs of your product as well. This is why these packaging materials are a good choice.

Make Chinese Takeout Boxes the right size

You need to keep in mind the point that the food needs to be able to remain comfortably within the box. If you get a really small box, it may be tough to open the box without some of the product falling out.

On the other hand, if you choose large custom Chinese takeout boxes, the food can move around much inside it. This can result in impact occurring to the food as well.

Therefore you should choose the most perfect size box as this will be able to keep the food item safe. If germs or other harm occurs to it, no customer will be happy to consume food like this.

Attract shoppers wanting to buy product

You should design wholesale Chinese takeout boxes in a way that people who want to buy the food that you are selling, will be drawn to it. You must design the box that you can impress these people with it.

The food will look good in decent boxes that follow the minimalism theme so that they are simple and look good. The packaging like this will be able to look sophisticated.

Increase brand awareness

Chinese takeout boxes with logo are able to increase brand recognition with the aid of the logo. The logo can even allow your packaging to give a professional look. These boxes can let you get a positive impression in front of shoppers.

You can include details about how to order takeout on the box as well, if applicable. You may add the physical address, phone number, etc. of your brand on packaging if you want to make it easier for your customers to contact it.


You can add colors on the Chinese takeout box to make it look more outstanding. Choose those that will look good on the box. Many of these boxes have the color red and white on them. You may choose these and add a design of your own.

If you do not know which colors to choose, you can consider color psychology to get some ideas. You will be able to select those colors that can let your packaging give out a certain impression. White for instance signifies simplicity.

You can include pictures that connect to the product or your brand.

Chinese takeout boxes are effective to store takeout food in as they look good and make the life of customers easier. You can place some of these boxes in the microwave to easily warm the food. You may even put it in the fridge. The boxes are able to open and form a plate allowing it to be easier for people to eat the food. If you are travelling you will not have to worry about finding a plate. Even if you are at home and are not feeling like washing the dishes, you can use this plate then throw it away.

Custom Boxes Mart can help you get the best custom printed Chinese takeout boxes which will suit what you are selling. You can customize the box so that a good image can be given of your business.



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