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wholesale magnetic boxes

Introduction of Luxury Wholesale Magnetic Box

Are you interested in getting versatile, decorative premium custom printed wholesale magnetic boxes?

So here it is, magnetic boxes that are stylish, sturdy and a low density fibre board. A wood product manufactured from wood chips, synthetic resins or suitable binders.

Features of Wholesale Magnetic Boxes

Our wholesale magnetic boxes are thicker than sheet of paper, cost effective, space saving. These boxes are available in variety of thickness which can be vary on your demand.

The stylish boxes are available on custom choice i.e. flat, rectangular, parallel sides. It can vary in sizes. These can be as small as matchbox or as large as shipping box.

These boxes can be used for delicate products like clothing, beauty packaging, consumer electronics, household product, jewellery, certificates etc.

These magnetic boxes are also used for protection, transportation or support. These boxes are popular choice for home art and craft works. They give the neat touch to the products which make them an exquisite choice for packing various items. These magnetic boxes also reduce the risk for product damage.

Hidden Magnetic Slaps

These wholesale magnetic boxes have a unique folding designs with easy assembly and hidden magnets that help the lid closed properly. These boxes can be reused many times and are the perfect storage friendly solution for your need.

Magnetic boxes are very sturdy, not only helps protecting the product inside but it also makes you feel more secure when using the box.

Combination of Colors

Magnetic boxes also vary in colors e.g. black, silver, pink, white, grey, brown, blue etc.

This can be easily matched with other surfaces such as glitter coating, silver or gold metallic pressing, embossing to highlight the details of the product like slogan, logo or special message to your loved ones. These magnificent features help increasing the product value.

Greatest Way of Advertisement

The magnetic boxes also help to advertise the brand through surface printing effect. Due to this, it will be easy for the customers to recognize and choose the right product and reduce the risk of buying fake and low quality products which affect the business and brand performance.

Logo Printing

Logo printing is also a prominent feature of magnetic boxes. We can print your own logo or message to your magnetic boxes. A stylish design can also be added on the outside lid, flap or inside the box lid.

Custom Magnetic Boxes

The above features need Professional expertise, help your brand to shine. We specialize in wholesale magnetic boxes for all occasions, business, birthdays, weddings, bridal shower and everything. Whether you are ordering plain stock gift boxes or fully customized printed gift boxes, our team takes the stress out of ordering.

All popular designs are excellent and customized. Get high quality wholesale magnetic boxes at appropriate rate.



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