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rigid packaging

What do you need to know about rigid packaging?

Rigid packaging is being used by almost all the big luxury brands now. They use these boxes to for the packaging of fragile and expensive stuff. Rigid box packaging is best known for its strength, dependability, solid structure, and toughness. These boxes do not only offer strength, but also attractiveness. Rigid boxes also do not fold flatly and give a very good shape to the package inside.

However, these boxes are not very large and are of made up of thick 24pt to 40pt board. The board is draped with some paper of desirable choice. These boxes are characteristically thick than the usual folded cartons but are not that large. These boxes are lined by paper all over in order to provide an even appearance. Large brands and companies prioritize rigid box packaging because they provide a secure packing to the product inside.

Customized rigid packaging

The rigid box packaging gives one the independence to create a customized packaging. Not only this but the box size, shape and structure can also be varied. The color and design can be according to the client’s or the company’s choice. These boxes are of a great benefit to the large companies and luxury brands. Brand names and logos can be easily embossed on the boxes. The print and color of the box totally depends on how the client wants it. These boxes can be decorated by using ribbons and other accessories, giving them a top-class finish. These boxes are available in any shape, design, size, color that one can imagine. However, rigid packaging boxes being slightly high in price, not all companies are able to afford these.

Purposes of rigid boxes

Custom rigid boxes are used for various purposes as they provide a secure packaging and support to the product. Products not only appear attractive by the packaging, but are also guaranteed to be safe. Rigid boxes are usually used for the following purposes:

Rigid storage boxes

A good storage of products can be done by using these boxes. Also, the product inside stays free form all kind of harms such as dust, termites, and other things which can damage the product.

Rigid gift boxes

Gifts look wonderful when they are packed nicely. Gifts are always given to show the affection, care and love. Now a days, gifts can be packed into any desirable shape, style, and design using these boxes. These boxes will add value and grace to the gift.

Rigid transport boxes

In order to keep the product safe inside, these boxes are also being used for transporting purposes. People can easily rely on these boxes, no matter how delicate and fragile their inside product is.

Rigid candy boxes

Candies taste amazing, but look even more tempting if they are properly and neatly packed. Candies placed inside these boxes will increase their worth.

Rigid jewelry boxes

Jewelry is always precious to its owner; therefore, it is always better to keep it safe from all sorts of harm. Luxury brands and companies keep their jewelry in rigid boxes to not make the product look worthy but also to keep it safe.

Rigid chocolate boxes

If the chocolates are placed in the rigid boxes of good style and design, they will appear much more prominent from the shelves they are positioned on. The box will make the chocolate much more inviting.

Rigid shoe boxes

Shoes also have their own class and design. Their worthiness improves and increases if they are placed in some better packaging.

Rigid wedding boxes

Wedding gifts of all kinds can be placed in these boxes. People also distribute sweets and other confectioneries all over the world at their weddings. Nothing else can enhance the appearance of the sweets than these boxes. Rigid boxes complement the overall elegance. Wedding rings and other wedding material can also be packed using the rigid box.

Rigid perfume boxes

Perfumes are usually always attractive and people tend to buy those happily. People will always buy those products that will be physically appealing to them. The way to attract the clients is to place perfumes in one of the most elegant rigid boxes.

Rigid suit boxes

The worth of suits and other cloth items will increase if they are placed inside one of these beautifully designed boxes.

These are just a few ways due to which rigid boxes can be used. There are numerous other ways and purposes to use these. Rigid boxes can be used for almost any product.

Styles of rigid packaging box

These boxes are assembled in many ways. The assembling makes them look unique and provides extra storage to the products. The assembled boxes will also save time as the clients will not have to assemble it after receiving. These boxes come in a number of styles and design. The style depends upon the individual or the brand choosing. For example, rigid magnetic box has a uniform and sophisticated finish. Magnetic lid boxes are best for elite brand and companies. Any stamp, print, design, accessory can be used on these boxes. Rigid foldable boxes are also efficient and easy to use. The easiest to use are rigid delivered-flat boxes. This is because the rigid flat boxes do not require a complex assembling and can be stored easily. There are other styles of rigid packaging boxes:

  • Rigid drawer boxes
  • Rigid boxes with lid
  • Rigid pop-up boxes


Custom Printed Rigid boxes provide a variety of benefits to its users. Business companies also witness an increase in their sales after using these. It is a fact that people will always find a product having a unique and good-looking packaging. Moreover, people will also want their product to be safe. Business will get noticed by clients and these efforts will impress them. All these benefits are provided by rigid boxes. These boxes can lighten up one’s occasion. Different sorts of things can be kept packed using these boxes. If bought in bulk, can prove to be quite affordable. In addition to this, these boxes are quite sustainable. Printed rigid boxes can be used again, if carefully kept.



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