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Tips to Design Strong Archive Boxes

Tips to Design Strong Archive Boxes

If you are looking for a packaging solution to store office documents, art, textiles, etc., you can consider archive boxes. The box aims to protect items in it for the long-term. It is important to design this box carefully if you want it to do this. It has to be strong enough to achieve the aim and you must make it so that it looks pleasing to the eyes as well.

The following are some tips to help you create strong archive packaging:

Choose packaging material carefully

If you want the box to be strong for long-term storage, you should choose good-quality packaging material to make it from. You must avoid any low-quality materials only because they cost less. When you want the product inside to remain safe, the box must not break. If any harm occurs to it, it can damage the precious products within.

Therefore when looking for which packaging materials to use, you can look at cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft. These materials are popular in the market because they can give one a strong box. The box can be unique in nature as well as according to the size that you want. Archive boxes wholesale like these can help protect the product.

With cardboard, you can choose what thickness box you want to get also. This allows one to choose the most perfect thickness for their particular items.

Make the box the right size and shape

You also have to get the right measurements for making the box if you want it to be sturdy and keep the items safe. You should not choose a really small box that the products cannot fit inside easily. They should comfortably go into the box and remain secure in it.

Avoid also getting a large archive box because it will take up more storage space and will cost you more. You will be paying for the packaging material that you do not need. The transportation of a box like this may cost more also. Therefore a box that is the perfect size for the contents will be better.

Choose to be “green”

You must play your role in reducing your carbon footprint. When you do not focus on pursuing packaging carefully, you can end up causing pollution and much waste which goes into landfills and water bodies. You have to avoid doing this to help the environment out.

Choose sustainable packaging materials to make wholesale archive boxes. These should not lie around in the environment and pollute it. The better ones will be recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable. You can show people that you care about the Earth with sustainable boxes.

Details on box

Only include the important information on the box. Do not flood it with many details. You can include a company logo so that people can know that the custom archive boxes are from your company. You may state what is in the box allowing it to be simple for handlers to know about this. If there is anything fragile, let it be known as well.

Include this information in a readable font that is the right color. It should be a perfect size also so that people can easily read the details.

You need to get strong archive boxes if you want them to protect your products. The box must be the right size as well.

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