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Gold Foil Boxes

Over time, new boxes have been introduced to fit the major old needs and demands more elegantly. Introducing custom gold foil boxes to your closest ones has yet improved the whole aesthetic sense of giving gifts or presents. The strong structure of these boxes allows them to store fragile and expensive items like perfume, pens, jewelry, and ornaments that would be too fragile to be stored in ordinary boxes.

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Custom Gold Foil Boxes can be all customized in any sort of shape and color and are long-lasting and highly durable. Add buttons, ribbons, and handling support to customize them. The inserts inside these custom boxes with logo keep the items inside them tightly and thus prevent damage and extra loss. You can purchase them either one or two pieces. Because of their highly attractive and alluring color, custom gold foil boxes are yet classified as metalized boxes. Boxes with the gold foil hence provide an excellent presentation of your fragile products and create a complete positive impact. Custom Boxes Mart provides you with fascinating designs that help brands generate more revenue by bringing your brand to the forefront. The packaging boxes that we hence produce for you are available as in exceptional craftsmanship; they are symbols of perfection, and our printed designs add even more value to them. We hence offer our customers free services by our dedicated designers. Experts in their field are very familiar with the needs of the international market.

We Offer Design, Printing, and Packaging Services

Custom Boxes Mart offers a variety of packaging solutions to fill the growing demand for wholesale gold foil boxes in the international market. We hence provide our loyal customers with various options for customization to turn the whole shape and size of these packaging boxes into what they actually need for their shipping products. Hence, we provide quality designing and printing for all of your packaging boxes, including gold foil packaging boxes. We print your logo on your packaging boxes to create your brand identity on international markets. Our company has been serving our loyal and esteemed customers for the past so long years; we are the torchbearers of superior quality.

An Industry Leader in Packaging

Our name is synonymous with quality and purity in the packaging industry. It is always an honor and a great pleasure to serve our esteemed customers. In addition to providing eco-friendly packaging services to our clients, we are hence always available to solve any packaging problem. Our delivery time is extremely short which reaches at your doorstep in just 12 days. To let the parcel be delivering in fewer days, you hence need to pay small charges applicable by our team. We offer a free quotation of your delivery at any time of day or night; you can straight contact us at any day or time. You will hence receive free consulting to resolve all of our designers’ design problems. How about calling us today? We’ll deliver your packaging boxes right away.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.