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Custom Serum Boxes

It is possible to get serum for skin, hair, etc. People are using these products due to the health benefits that they say they have. For instance you can find anti-aging serum which claims to help with conditions like making wrinkles be less visible. If you own a business that sells serum, you will be looking for ways to keep it safe and make shoppers be drawn to it. Custom serum boxes can help with both of these aims when you know how to create them amazingly.

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The following tells you how to make serum boxes that will be good for your serum:

Find out who your ideal consumers are

You need to know who you are making the packaging for. Find out who your perfect customer is. They may be ladies, women of color, ladies wanting to look young, etc. You may be selling serum for men. When you know who these people are, you can find out what they want when it comes to serum and how you can grab their attention. For example if you are selling anti-aging serum, the serum packaging can look decent and convincing. The packaging should appear like your brand makes good-quality products that are effective.

Get the right packaging material

The wholesale serum boxes should be strong so that they can keep the serum container safe. Some brands may make these with sensitive packaging material like glass and you need to make sure that it remains safe if you do not want the serum to waste. Customers will want to get the product in excellent condition therefore you should make a strong box that will protect it. You can choose packaging like cardboard boxes, corrugated cardboard boxes, and Kraft boxes. You can only give a good impression to your consumer base when the packaging is strong and it protects the serum inside it.

Research on what to include on the box

You will need to find out the information you have to add on the packaging, as well the FDA-compliant details. These details are important and you should add them in a good and attractive font. On custom printed serum boxes you can include an image that claims the product is cruelty free. Only include details that are honest. The expiration label of the serum should be present a well. Include any government warning labels. You may state the ingredients of the serum so that people can see if these will be good for their skin type. Give instructions on how to use the product.


The colors you select should match your brand personality and grab the eyes of customers. The serum boxes wholesale should be able to stand out from all the competition. You need to keep this point in mind especially in the competitive cosmetic world. You should remain true to your brand whilst also differentiating yourself from other brands. For instance pink is a popular color in this industry. The color is feminine. Choose a good brand color palette if you want to create something successful. You can look at color psychology to get some ideas of which colors to use.


Choose fonts that are unique and able to be instantly recognizable to consumers when they are scanning shelves. You should choose serum boxes with logo as these help increase brand awareness. With a brand color and unique brand font, you can help people know the various products your business sells. The font should be easily readable also. Include the information in words that are simple to understand so that people can know about the product. With wholesale custom serum boxes you can make your product stand out in the cosmetic industry. There is much opportunity in this industry. If you have a good-quality product, the correct packaging, as well as the right design, you can make your product be prominent. You may be able to give a good image of your company in the way that you design packaging therefore convincing shoppers to choose the serum that your brand is selling. With packaging like this, you can make your serum look more wonderful. The box must also be strong so that you do not have to worry about the safety of the serum. Custom Boxes Mart can help you make strong custom serum boxes that can protect the product and also make it look professional.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.