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Custom Scrub Boxes

There are different types of scrub available in the market all claiming to give certain results. Skincare products like these need to be of a good-quality as no one likes to put bad stuff on their skin. If you sell scrub and want people to get a good image of your company, you can design outstanding custom scrub boxes. The packaging can help store the scrub and can even allow people to be drawn to it and consider buying it.

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The following provides you with some effective tips on how to make wonderful custom scrub boxes:

Who is your consumer base?

You need to be able to answer this question so that you can make packaging that these people will notice. Find out what they want from scrub and what will attract them to your product. For example if you are selling scrub to teenagers to help with conditions like acne, the scrub packaging can have a trendy and modern look to it. If the scrub is for ladies the box can look professional and decent. Knowing who you are making packaging for can help you design boxes that they will be drawn to.

What impression you want to give of your brand?

You should think about what image you wish to give of your company so that you can design the boxes accordingly. If you wish to present your brand as an environmentally-friendly one, the packaging can be brown, keeping the original color of the box. A brand wanting to show it sells high-quality stuff can make wholesale scrub boxes have the color black on them. The packaging design can look expensive as well.

Include honest details about scrub

Custom printed scrub boxes should only include honest details about the merchandise. It is important to add stuff that is truthful about the product or else you can lose customers. Find out if you have to include any information according to the law of the country you are in. On the packaging you can tell what the product is, it may be a sugar scrub. Give details about what the product can do. State the ingredients and any warnings of the product. If there are any points that make your product one to buy, you can add these on the box. This will be the special points about the scrub that will encourage people to want to buy it. For example if the scrub has natural ingredients, you can state these on the packaging. The information you add on wholesale scrub packaging must be readable and understandable. The font you choose should be a unique one that people will want to read.

Details about your business

If you wish shoppers to know about your brand, you should choose to get scrub boxes with logo. The box will have a logo on it which will help with increasing brand recognition. You must design a professional logo that you should include on all your packaging if you want the logo to help people recognize which products your brand sells. Include other information about your brand as well such as its address, phone number, email address, website, etc. The information is useful for those who wish to contact your company.

Strong packaging

The scrub box must be strong if you want it to protect the scrub effectively. You should make the box with packaging material like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft if you want the box to protect your merchandise. It is important to have a strong box as one that is breaking will not give a positive impression of your company. These packaging materials are sustainable as well so your brand can be seen as a responsible one. Custom scrub boxes can be effective for a brand when these are strong and if they look amazing. The box can protect the scrub and can even market it to those shoppers who you want to attract to what you are selling. For this you will focus on making packaging that will be able to stand out. It must be perfect for the scrub, for your brand, and also for your potential consumers. With the help of packaging, you can convince people to want to buy your product. Custom Boxes Mart can give you strong custom printed scrub boxes that you can customize so that they are perfect. You can get packaging which will give a good image of your business.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.