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Custom Essential Oil Boxes

Many people like using essential oils due to the benefits they claim to have such as reducing stress, aiding one in sleeping, etc. If your brand sells these, you must make custom essential oil boxes carefully because this is an important part of your merchandise. The box must protect the container that the essential oil is put in so that customers can get it in excellent condition. The packaging should be attractive looking as well so that people will want to buy your essential oils.

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The following are some things you must avoid when creating essential oil boxes:

Box not protecting product

You need to avoid simply choosing any type of packaging material to make the box from, especially selecting the one that is cheap. This is because you can get a box that can break and so damage the product. A brand should get strong packaging material which can protect the essential oils at all times. You must choose sturdy options like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft for this item. You should focus on getting a box that will be able to show your consumer base that your brand wants to provide quality merchandise. Essential oil packaging that is strong will help your brand in marketing itself as a high-quality one.

Packaging the wrong size

When you carelessly choose any size box, you can end up with one that is not the right size. This is a mistake as a huge box can make the essential oil container move around inside. It may break like this. Your company will also be using more money on making the packaging like this. Brands should measure the product when deciding what size wholesale essential oil boxes to get. They can then get the right size one best for the essential oils.

Box not attracting your consumer base

When you do not design packaging to stand out to your consumer base, you will not be able to attract these people to the essential oils. This is not helpful as you are not letting shoppers who want to know about the essential oil to notice it. Therefore you must design custom printed essential oil boxes in a way that those looking for essential oils can see them. For example if you are trying to make ladies see the essential oil that you are selling, the packaging can look elegant.

Box not increasing brand awareness

Companies that do not choose essential oil boxes with logo will not be helping more people know about their company. When there is no brand logo on the box, shoppers will not know which brand the product is from. You must add a brand logo that is the same on all of your packaging because this is what helps in increasing brand recognition. There are other details that you must not forget to add. This must be the physical address, number, email ID, etc. of your business.

Adding any colors and images

You should not just choose any colors and images to include on the essential oil box because they can confuse and make the packaging look bad. The colors and images must relate to the product that you are selling and should give meaning to it. For example if you want to show your business as a natural one, you can choose the color green to add on packaging. Brands wishing to show expense, can include black. Avoid adding images that do not relate to the product. They can make the packaging look confusing.

Not including relevant details on packaging

When you do not let shoppers know what the product is, they may not buy it. You should include details about the essential oil on wholesale essential oil boxes as this information will aid shoppers in knowing about the product and if they need it. You must for instance tell what the product is, its scent, how to use and store, etc. If essential oils have benefits and special features, include these on the box also. It is important to concentrate on making high-quality and attractive looking custom essential oil boxes which can protect your product. The packaging should even look good and make people want to buy your product. Custom Boxes Mart can help you design the best custom essential oil boxes which will give your brand a positive impression. The team of professionals knows how to do this.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.