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Mistakes to Avoid When Making Bottle Neckers

If you sell bottles, you may have come across bottle neckers. You can find these on the neck of bottles. A brand can use them for promotional purposes. It is important to be able to stand out in front of the competition if you want people to notice your bottles and actually buy them. Therefore focus on making them look unique and outstanding. By adding an attractive looking bottle necker, you can make the bottle look more amazing. However, you should design this properly if you want it to be perfect and make people want to think about buying your bottle. If you make mistakes in designing it, it can give the wrong image of your business.

The following are some mistakes that you should avoid when you are designing custom bottle neckers:

Making them be weak

One of the main purpose of the necker is to be able to give a good image of your company. If this is tearing, you will not be able to do this. It will show your business as being careless and not caring about quality.

Therefore you should make bottle neckers wholesale be strong. They should be able to handle people touching them and checking out what is on them. You can make them from cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft for instance. They can remain in one piece till they reach the customer.

Not increasing brand awareness

Do not make the mistake to not let your brand be known with the help of the bottle necker. You will be losing out on much advertising potential if you do this. Design it in such a way that it will increase brand awareness and allow those who see it to know about your company.

To increase brand awareness, you can include a prominent logo on this. This should be a memorable logo which shoppers can notice as well. If they view this logo on the packaging of other products, they will know these are from your business. This helps in marketing your business to those people who matter.

Including too many details

If you add too much information on printed bottle neckers, they will not look good. There is not much space on this therefore you must only add what is important. If you include anything unnecessary, it will not look good and people may ignore it.

You can for instance state what the drink is, its flavor, ingredients, and expiry date. If your brand has an exciting story, it can tell this very briefly here.

If you want to add any images, try and avoid adding too many also. Only include those which are relevant and that can make the bottle necker look more amazing. The image can connect to your brand or product for instance.

Choose a good looking font that people will be able to read easily when choosing which font to use. You should select its color and size carefully also so that no confusion occurs.

Choosing wrong colors

You will need to choose colors that you include on the wholesale bottle neckers. Do not make the mistake of selecting those that give no meaning. If you have a brand color, you can add this which will help in increasing brand awareness.

You must do some research if you need to know what various colors signify. You may then include those which will give the meaning you want to give of your brand. For example if your company wants to show itself as a classy one, you can include the color black. If you wish to give the image of simplicity you can include the color white.

If you design bottle neckers carefully, they can help make your bottle look more amazing. You should keep your customer base in mind when doing this so that you can design them in a way that will attract these people.

Custom Boxes Mart can give you amazing looking bottle neckers that are perfect for your bottle. The professionals listen to what you want, give you ideas, and work with you in creating the best packaging that will help increase sales for your company. You can also choose the best packaging material that is strong.



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