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How to Make Delicious Looking Cake Boxes

People often eat cake on happy occasions like a birthday, anniversary, etc. There are many bakeries selling delicious cakes that it can be tough for these to compete with one another. All bakeries will be wanting to get people to try out their cakes. If you want a name in the industry, you need to make good-quality and delicious cakes. To give a good impression of these before a customer tries them out, you should place the cakes in the best cake boxes. If you are able to get good ones, they can protect the cake and also make it look more delicious.

The following gives you some ideas on how to make tasty looking cake packaging:

Strong box matters

You should start by choosing good-quality packaging material to make this box from. It is vital that the cake remain safe from germs and other negative influences. These can make the cake be unhealthy and you need to keep the customers health in mind. You should also choose packaging material that is safe and does not have dangerous chemicals which can go into the cake.

Therefore it may be a good idea to choose cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft wholesale cake boxes. These have the strength to keep the cake secure and make it be safe for people to consume. If the packaging is breaking, even a delicious looking design on the box will not look good.

You will disappoint any customer if they get the cake which is not in perfect shape because its packaging broke. The customer will probably want to return this back to you.

The right size and shape box is important

When it comes to custom cake boxes, the size and shape is very important of the box. Cake often has icing or some other decoration on it. This is what makes it look good. It is vital that no harm occurs to this.

If the packaging is really small, the icing can go onto the lid of the box. This will annoy customers. On the other hand, if the box is big, the cake can move around inside and may even topple over. Therefore you should figure out which size box will be right for the cake.

When figuring out which shape box to get, a unique one can look amazing but you need to be certain that the shape matches with that of the cake.

Make customer base notice the packaging

You must design custom printed cake packaging in such a way that the customer base you are targeting will notice the cakes. They can then make a decision about whether to buy one.

According to who you mostly want to attract to your product, you will decide which design will look best to them. For example if you are trying to attract ladies, you can keep the packaging simple by including something witty on it.  You can make the box have a light and soft color.

Choose colors to include on the box

Do not randomly choose any colors to add on custom cake packaging. You can make packaging more meaningful if you choose a color that has a certain meaning. For example if you want to give the image of peace, you can choose a calm color like light blue. It is a color that one connects with reliability as well.

Font of writing

The details you include on the packaging should help people know more about the product. Therefore avoid including unnecessary ones. You must select the font to add these in carefully according to the impression you are aiming to give.

For example if you want to give an impression of something magical, you can select a font that signifies this.

Include a brand logo on the box because this can help people know about your company.

You can make the most perfect cake boxes when you make these strong and also allow them to look delicious and outstanding.

Custom Boxes Mart is a packaging supplier that can supply you with sturdy and attractive cake packaging boxes. The team of professionals is ready to help you make packaging which will protect your cakes and even allow them to look more wonderful.



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