candy apple packaging boxes

5 Tips to Create Perfect Candy Apple Boxes

Candy apple is delicious especially for those who love eating it. If you sell this, you will want to keep the candy apples in something safe which can keep them secure from germs and other external influences. You have to keep your potential customers health in mind if you want them to keep buying from you. Therefore focus on making the best candy apple boxes which can secure the product in perfectly. With the help of these, you can even advertise the candy apples to people by making them look more delicious.

The following gives you 5 tips on how to design candy apple packaging:

Make a strong box

You must get a strong box to put the candy apple in if you wish it to remain safe. If the box breaks, germs and other stuff can come on the candle apple. No customer will want to buy these ones. This is why you must choose packaging materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft to make these boxes from, to store the item.

The box can protect it from germs and also these packaging materials do not have dangerous chemicals which can impact the candy apples. The customer will be happy that you care about their health.

On top of this, these packaging materials are even eco-friendly. They will not be dangerous for the environment because the boxes are recyclable, reusable, renewable, and/or biodegradable. You can attract many environmentally-conscious people to want to buy from your brand when you choose these type of wholesale candy apple boxes.

Increase brand awareness

You will want more shoppers to be familiar with your brand and know which products you sell. One way to help you out here includes using attractive packaging which can allure people to it. When shoppers notice the box and if it has your brand’s logo on it, brand awareness can increase. Therefore you will be using the custom candy apple boxes to let more people know about your business.

To further help in this aim, you can include the contact information of your company on the box even, allowing it to be simple for your customers to reach you. You will add the phone number, email address, social media links, website, etc. of your business.

Advertise to consumer base

You can use printed candy apple boxes to attract your potential customers to this product. For this you will design the boxes so that these people can see them in front of the competition. You should find out what the age range, gender, geographical location, etc. of these people are so that you can design the box attractively.

For example if you are trying to attract kids, the box can look fun, enjoyable, colorful and even have pictures of cartoon characters on it. If the candy apples are for adults, you can design the box to look elegant by keeping it simple.

Select right colors and images

If you choose good colors and images to include on the box, you can make it look more amazing. You should choose colors which give a certain impression to your potential consumers. Research on color psychology here if you want to know more.

For example a company wishing to give the impression of joy, can choose red. If you have red apples, the color will match with these.

Choose the best type of box

For candy apples you can consider a window candy apply box. This is because the transparent window will let people see the delicious product which may make them want to try it out. If you wish to make a box that is easy to carry, you can think about getting gable boxes.

If you can create the best candy apple boxes, it is likely that sales of the product can increase and so profits for your business. The box must be strong and you should design it to stand out and attract and make the product look more delicious.

Custom Boxes Mart has a team of professionals who have experience designing and making candy apple boxes. You can therefore get a box from them that is perfect for the product helping show your brand in a positive way.