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Custom Pastry Boxes

Pastry is a delicious sweet product that many people love consuming like a dessert. You can get different types of pastries from different bakeries. If you sell pastries, you will know the competition and how it is vital to stand out in front of this. You want people to know about your tasty pastry and make them want to buy it. With custom pastry boxes, you can allure shoppers towards the product which can result in sales increasing for your brand. You can also protect the pastries.

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The following provides you with a guide concerning how to make pastry boxes:

Find right packaging material

A brand should figure out which packaging material to choose to make the box from. It must be strong and even should not have chemicals that can go into the pastry because you need to care for consumer’s health. The right packaging material can give a positive image of your company as you can show it as one that produces quality stuff. Cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft can be good for wholesale pastry boxes because they can give you a strong box that will even protect the pastry. No one will like to get pastry that is broken or that has germs on it because the packaging has broken.

Size and shape of box is important

For pastry, the size and shape of the box has to be right. Brands that get a large box will see that the pastry can move around in it. This can harm its appearance and form. If you congest the pastry in a really small box, impact can occur to its topping. Therefore you must make the box which will be the right size for the pastry to fit in properly. The shape of the pastry box even matters if you want to keep the pastry safe. It must not be an awkward shape which can harm the pastry.

Box should attract consumer base

Design custom printed pastry boxes in such a way that the people who want to buy the delicious pastry can notice it. If you know who your consumer base is and design the box to stand out to them, sales are able to become more. Those who are trying to attract ladies to want to buy the pastry, they can design the box in a way that it will look chic and elegant.

Increase brand awareness

Pastry boxes with logo can make a brand increase brand awareness. The packaging will have a logo on it that is of your company. This will aid your customers in noticing the different products you sell. You should make the logo in such a way that it will be able to stand out and which people can easily remember. A brand should even add its company details on packaging because these can help their customers reach them in case they need to. You must add the address, phone number, email address, etc. of your company on the packaging.

Design box to be outstanding

Pastry boxes wholesale should look good. You need to make shoppers think that your brand makes good-quality pastry so that they can buy it. Select which colors and images you want to include on the box properly. You can for instance include pictures that are like the pastry within. You can choose a window box so that your customers can get to see the pastry. If it looks tasty, you may even convince them to get it.

Information about pastry

The custom pastry box should include information about the pastry if you want people to know about it and consider buying it. You can tell the flavor, ingredients and nutritional information, manufacturing and expiry date, etc. The details should be in a unique and custom font which matches the theme of your packaging. Its size has to be right also so that it is easily readable. Custom pastry boxes are an important part of the pastry. You must design them in a way that they can positively market your product. The box that you place the pastry in has to be strong as well if you want it to protect the product from any external influences. Custom Boxes Mart has professionals who can design outstanding custom pastry packaging boxes for your company. The box can be perfect for your particular pastries.


In short, these boxes are the best sources to heighten the appearance of your product. Moreover, these keep the product from getting dusty and safe from other environmental factors.